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Plan for lunch out on a boat...don't do what I did.

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Had to write this down to figure out why I'm so completely stuffed. I've not been great at eating three meals a day. Today was worse since we went out on boat. It was hot. I thought I ate lunch but apparently not...

Breakfast: 2 eggs

Four pieces of bacon

Bite of chicken

Black coffee

Snacking all day: bites of fruit

Small bites of chicken breast

A few almonds

Lots of water

4:00 pm

Baked potato with ghee

Two hard boiled eggs


Two frozen bananas

Handful of almonds

Teaspoon of raisins


Fresh Mango avocado guacamole with carrot sticks

Snap peas with mayo


A small portion of pan-fried chicken in olive oil with onion and portabella mushrooms

Small portion of guacamole

Broccoli with ghee


I think I figured it out. I didn't eat lunch. Too hot. Ate a ton after I got home amid cooking healthy food for self and family. It helped to write it down!

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Well Daisy, at least you didn't eat anything that wasn't compliant :)


I think you might do better if you restructured your breakfast - 3 eggs cooked in a Tbsp of ghee, 4 pieces of bacon and 1 to 3 cups of veggies.  Solid template portions of protein, fat and veggies at Meal 1 will set you up for a perfect 3 meal day.

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Even tho fruit is compliant, it's better to eat with a meal. Next time, perhaps have some ready to grab protein and fats so you can eat it on the boat for lunch?

As for eating three meals a day, try to eat as much as you can of a template meal, set it aside, and then finish it as soon as you're able.

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