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Where to go from here....


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My first whole 30 began on May 1. My family and close friends were amazed at how well I stuck with it and didn't stray. I did so because I'm sick and tired of feeling this way--tired, not able to wake up in the mornings, can't fit into clothes anymore..... SO, I committed and stuck it out. At the end of May, I just wanted to cry--no weight loss, clothes not fitting looser, NEVER felt any increase in energy, getting up in the mornings didn't get easier....and now I just feel so discouraged. I've tried diets, cleanses, etc only to end up disappointed or giving up. This seemed to hold so much promise in so many areas and I feel like a failure as I read everyone's successes!!! I think it's great for everyone to have those results, I just find myself feeling hopeless because I failed and I'm not sure where to go from here. Any advice would be appreciated. :)

Sorry to be such a downer!!!

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Hey there

I've just had a look back at your previous posts and see that you were having a number of issues throughout your 30 days based around pre/postWO meals, wanting to calorie count, possible issues with FODMAPs, snacking etc.

A few of those issues were only raised towards the end of your 30 days and so any changes you may have made at that stage probably wouldn't have impacted your results - have you considered extending, or doing another 30 days and implementing the suggested changes for the duration? 

I think you'd see a big improvement in your results.

In the meantime, how is your skin? Your hair? Your nails? Your mood...? Focus on any of these areas of improvement as you move forward....

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I'm sorry, I know how discouraging that must feel.  Can you think of anything positive that may have come from your 1st whole 30?


I didn't feel that great for the first 2 weeks. I also finished 5.30  I knew I wasn't eating enough fat and a little too much fruit. It's hard to eat fat when you have been told the opposite for so many years. But it's true.


I felt the same way you did at the beginning, but more fat and larger meals kicked my snack habit. Do you need to lose a lot of weight?  I had 15 lbs to lose, so I knew it would not be as easy as someone who had lots to lose.


Are you eating a big breakfast with protein and fat? And what about your workouts? Do you feel stronger doing them?  I am also back on the plan with a small variation, (like the veggie version) and am eating 1/2 cup of beans a day because I do not eat beef or pork. It really more pegan (Dr. Mark Hyman)


Hope things change for you in the next week or so.

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