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I Fumbled Whole 30 Log


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Today is day 5 and I feel great! For the first time, the foggy, sluggishness has disappeared and my mind feels clear. Last night I stumbled upon someone's post about spices (lemon pepper) and that some had sugar in the ingredients. I panicked! On day 3 I had cooked up a big batch of chicken 1/2 seasoned with lemon pepper and 1/2 with jerk seasoning. I ate some for dinner and planned on using the rest throughout the week. I dreaded going to my spice drawer.... Lo and behold, both seasonings had sugar!

I was really disgusted and sad! I thought I was doing everything right. I look at all labels, but it never dawned on me to check spices. Duh!

I'm over it! I had a little pep talk with myself and decided its not a big deal! I'll just add 3 more days. I've read a lot of posts, and some people have had to start over late into their 30.

So I decided I better start logging my foods so those experienced can offer their advise.

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Day 1: Veggie Scramble w/broccoli, onion, peppers, cherry tomato coked in olive oil and 4 eggs. Lunch: 1/2Acorn Squash stuffed with ground turkey, garlic and seasoning, mushrooms, onion and spinach. Dinner: Steak, cauliflower and carrot mashed, mushrooms and onion (cooked in olive oil)

Day2. Bkfst: left over stuffing not used in acorn squash, mushrooms and onion.

Lunch: raw veggies and Lunabar (at a reception)

Dinner: curry Pork Loin cooked with pear and onions, spices, coconut milk with left over carrot and cauliflower mash and a sweet potato

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Day 3 Brkfst: Stuffed Acorn Squash (always coffee with coconut milk)

Lunch: leftover pork and cauliflower/carrot mash

Dinner: THE DREADED NON COMPLIANT LEMON PEPPER AND JERK SEASONED CHICKEN (I feel better now) with steamed broccoli and sweet potato with ghee.

Day 4 B: 2 fried eggs in ghee w/ peppers and onions.

L: Left over Pork Curry broccoli and mushrooms.

D: Steak cooked in O.O on top of Baby Spinach sautéed in coconut oil.

Day 5: 2 Fried Eggs with broccoli

L: left over Steak, salad with olive oil and Balsamic Vinegar

D: Blackened Salmon with my own Cajun compliant mix, Carrot Fries and sweet potato w/ghee (it was a very orange meal:) but very good!

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To be honest, I feel sugar in spices is the least of all the evils that you could have ingested. Not as bad as gluten, soy, sulphites, carageenan etc. You'll be fine. Good catch though. Watch out for spice blends. I make my own taco seasonings to avoid sugar or anything else.

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If anything, it taught me a valuable lesson. You need to look at everything the first time you use it! It's also been very enlightening... I had no idea prior to my W30, what I was putting in my mouth. Just because you believe something is harmless or healthy, doesn't mean it is.

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Day 6 (wow that went fast) I felt pretty groggy this morning almost like a hangover feeling. Today's Saturday and I puttered around the house trying to get out of my fog. I went to cook breakfast and realized I had nothing left for food. No veggies, no meats.... Nothing except eggs (thankfully). I found some frozen broccoli hidden in the freezer so made fried eggs on top of broccoli. It was not very appetizing.

I had planned a whole weeks of meals and never realized that I was at the end of the list. My mental fog left me ( must have been adrenaline and panic:) and rushed to the grocery store.

Note to Self: Always have a back up meal or 2

After shopping I went golfing with friends which was a small test for me. Golf=beer

I stuck to seltzer water Yeah Me!

I feel fantastic! I haven't had any headaches, energy is good ( except this AM) I find I'm not lazy anymore! Instead of sitting in front of the computer or TV for hours, I'm keeping myself busy.

B: Fried Eggs and Broccoli (blah)

L: larabar and plum (not ideal but I got home from shopping Lyon late to prepare anything)

D: Lamb cooked on the grill, Bok Choy and Mushrooms cooked in O.O and a mixed green salad....yummmm

Looking forward to the rest of my journey. To be honest, this started with my only goal being weight loss. I feel sooooo good mentally and physically that I really don't want to change the way I'm eating when my 30 is done. I don't miss the crap I was eating before at all! Whoooo Hooo!

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B: Nothing (running late)

L: Lunabar (because I was running late and no time to prepare)

D: Pork Chops with Blackberry Glaze, Green Beans and a Large Mixed Green Salad

Not optimal nutritionally and I clearly didn't eat enough. Spent the day on the golf course surrounded by friends drinking...I stuck with the sparkling water.

A little grumpy today at times... Little silly things were irritating me for no reason. Hunger?

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On cloud 9! Someone at work asked me if I'd lost weight... It's only day 8! My response was, "I don't know, I hope so."

That was a little kick of fuel that I needed.

B: 2 eggs over a Bison Burger, Left Over Bok Choy and Mushrooms. ? Too much protein?

L: left over Blackberry Glazed Pork Chops, Tossed Salad and a Banana

D: Duck, Broccoli and 1/2 Sweet Potato

Having trouble drinking enough water. I'm probably drinking 5 glasses a day plus a cup of Green Tea and Coffee in the morning. I carry water with me all day, I just don't drink it.

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By the way, vanilla often has sugar added as well.

We're almost on the same schedule. I've had a few label slip-ups but since I'm going to Dec 20th, I'm not sweating it, just resolving to be more careful and soldiering on!

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Thanks for the tip MingoNW! I don't use vanilla except to bake with and I refuse to bake anything right now... I'd be to tempted to eat it:) don't let any mishaps get you down, I beat myself up for an honest but stupid mistake... We just have to move on and learn from our mistakes.

I was very tempted to use Soy Sauce tonight (of all things LOL) the recipe called for coconut aminos which I forgot to pick up, and started thinking soy sauce can't be that bad. But I know if I start that way of thinking, everything goes down hill from there. That is what is truly brilliant about the Whole 30. It makes me accountable for every single thing. Every day I wake up happy that I've conquered another day with success! That feeling outweighs the small temptations on the way.

Good luck and keep me posted!

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Day 9: Not a morning person. After enjoying my coffee with coconut milk (yuuuummmm), I realized I was running late again.

B: Lunabar and a Banana

L: Tossed salad with Bison Burger

D: Piña Colada Chicken (double Yummmmmmmmmmmoo) my meat and potato skinny husband also liked it!

Walked a mile again today, but I'm feeling this is no longer enough. I'd like to up it to 1 1/2 -2 miles but Ill have to drop the puppy off half way.. He's lagging behind:). I also didn't do we'll with water today... 5 glasses so far.

Mood was pretty good today. Not irritated. I did want a rum and diet coke, but this passes quickly.

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Definitely need to change up my routine. I missed breakfast again. Tonight I'm going to go to bed earlier and hopefully I'll be able to fit in breakfast before work. Ive been sleeping a full 9 hours without interruption since I started W30.

B: zero

L: left over Piña Colada Chicken

D: Blackened Salmon with a salad and 1/2 sweet potato

Goals: I did up my water some but still only managing 7 glasses. I'd like to up it to at least 9

Add in stability ball exercise 3x week alternating with cardio.... Continue mile walk daily during lunch break.

Irritability: very pissy tonight with my poor husband. Bite Your Tongue!! My mood has been great during the day, it's after work I become bitchy. Hopefully this will dissipate soon.

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B: one egg on spinach ( no appetite for breakfast still)

L: left over Cajun Salmon on a mixed green salad

and a banana

S: couple prices of fresh pineapple

D: Lamb, acorn squash and spinach

Too much coffee today. Had 3 cups this morning and an iced coffee tonight all with coconut milk.

Much better mood today!! I didn't get a walk in or exercise for the first since starting Whole 30... Tomorrow's another day.

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