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  1. Kabob..great question. Kombuchakamp suggests cleaning out the vessel 3-4 times a year if that.
  2. Oh KB..I have sooo many baby SCOBYs that I keep my CB going, but also have a batch brew going to fill in the cold weather gaps. I do have a heat strip so maybe my SCOBYs are reproducing faster.
  3. Omg Vian. Thank you. I neglectef a continuous brew batch so it is way too acidic for it vinegar. I am going to take the scobys out. Save one or two. Compost/flush the others and start fresh with sweet tea. I do not like that overly vinegar flavor.
  4. Kabob..unfortunately, those nice tips dont have any affect on the gum left by the GT Mylar labels. I tried them before using Goo Gone. If someone doesn't want to use Goo Gone..just leave the labels on. They are pretty labels.
  5. Jent, you may want to burp them so the bottles dont explode. That way, you can decide how much fizz has built up and whether it's time to drink them or let them sit longer. I think hibiscus seems to really fizz up. I wasn't using enough goo gone at first either. It's a little shocking how much it takes.
  6. "I am glad Susan weighed in. I am far too lazy to do it " Maybe..but you have stellar fizz and I never do. Grrr...
  7. Wow! I'm impressed. Bottling mine tonight and plan to put tons of hibiscus in there! "Side note - has anyone found a magical way to get the goo under the labels off the GT bottles?! I've tried SOS pads, stainless steel pads and even Goo Gone. I've googled and looked at this thread and hadn't found anything, but I still have yet to make it through all 54 pages before this so maybe I missed it!" I can help you with that. Fill the bottles with hot water and cap them. Dont get the labels wet. Let sit for 5 minutes. Then peel off from the top of where the label comes together to form the seam
  8. I am having grilled chicken tonight and I had no idea what I was going to do, so I will turn some of my mayo into your lime cumin mayo. Perfect!!
  9. " my wasabi powder has tapioca starch?? I made baked kale chips, cauliflower hummus, and cumin lime mayo (homemade). Are these ok? They were all so good I was worried that they qualified as "sex with your pants on". Thanks for all your help! I am such a newbie... " Tapioca starch is okay. The others would only be considered SWYPO if they awakened a sleeping dragon for you. Cumin lime mayo sounds delish.
  10. Don't freak out if you have too much booch. I'm just a short drive up the I-5 and will gladly take some of your hands. Glad to see you back on the booch wagon...I'm still stalling on the moving forward. Oh that's right. When my SCOBYs get too much for me, I can send them to you. I am on my way to the airport. Going to England and Scotland for 2 weeks. We may skip Scotland and head for Greece. Your mission (should you accept it) is to find out how these people ship their SCOBYs.
  11. Booch is back in my life. Just started the SCOBY from a bottle of GT today. I miss it. I vow to not freak out when I have too much booch and too many SCOBYs to handle.
  12. So true Nadia. I need to remember to wrap it in a bit of wax paper though. I keep it in my smallest Pyrex dish and it sticks to the glass. I just thaw a bit to loosen it, but WAY too much trouble for this lazy girl. grates so much better when frozen.
  13. Lol, Yes I love fizz. No, I was discussing kombucha-making, itself. Not the W30-ness of it. Oh then yes!! If riding your own bike it is absolutely okay and it works for fizz.
  14. Yes the sugar in first ferment is for the SCOBY. Sugar in second ferment stays as sugar for the most part. There just isn't enough of the SCOBY in the second ferment to eat it. I would love to be proven wrong so if you get different info do let me know. We need a food scientist to do some testing.
  15. Yes, but KK is not necessarily W30 compliant. I do think it was KK that told me about sugar or honey in second ferment = fizz. I like it SO much better with fizz.
  16. Suth_n..adding the candy during a W30 is not okay. The sugar has no SCOBY to eat it during the second ferment. However, have at it when not on a W30. Don't tell anyone, but I add a tsp of raw honey to my second ferment when NOT on a W30. Just between you and me. ;0)
  17. Please help. I have two questions. 1. I brewed my tea for 7 days. Now I took out my scoby and added 4 oz of mixed berries to my brewed tea which I will leave alone for 4-7 days. Was I suppose to add the fruit to individual smaller jars or is it okay I left in the original large jar? 2. How do I store my scoby until I am ready to brew again? Any help would be appreciated. It doesn't matter the size of your second brew jars. You should store your SCOBY with a couple of cups of first stage booch.
  18. Vian, I am no expert, but I would say as long as you have no fuzzy mold growing, you should be okay! I tried a new GT flavor (new to me at least) called bilberry. Oh how I would love to know where to find bilberries because this just became my new favorite flavor! are an expert. I agree with the bilberry flavor. Love it. Off to google bilberries.
  19. Question - I will be going away in a couple of weeks time for about a week. How would I keep Scoby happy during this time. I haven't made up my mind to give it another batch to ferment while I'm away or just let it rest. I'm thinking that if I give it another batch to ferment it might go to far to the vinegar side. Google Scoby hotel.
  20. I think I mushed and measured. I followed the 20% fruit tecipe. That seemed like 2 Tbs per bottle.
  21. Meg, I mushed them a bit. When I added them whole, the flavor was very light.