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  1. Kabob..great question. Kombuchakamp suggests cleaning out the vessel 3-4 times a year if that.
  2. Oh KB..I have sooo many baby SCOBYs that I keep my CB going, but also have a batch brew going to fill in the cold weather gaps. I do have a heat strip so maybe my SCOBYs are reproducing faster.
  3. Omg Vian. Thank you. I neglectef a continuous brew batch so it is way too acidic for it vinegar. I am going to take the scobys out. Save one or two. Compost/flush the others and start fresh with sweet tea. I do not like that overly vinegar flavor.
  4. Kabob..unfortunately, those nice tips dont have any affect on the gum left by the GT Mylar labels. I tried them before using Goo Gone. If someone doesn't want to use Goo Gone..just leave the labels on. They are pretty labels.
  5. Jent, you may want to burp them so the bottles dont explode. That way, you can decide how much fizz has built up and whether it's time to drink them or let them sit longer. I think hibiscus seems to really fizz up. I wasn't using enough goo gone at first either. It's a little shocking how much it takes.
  6. "I am glad Susan weighed in. I am far too lazy to do it " Maybe..but you have stellar fizz and I never do. Grrr...
  7. Wow! I'm impressed. Bottling mine tonight and plan to put tons of hibiscus in there! "Side note - has anyone found a magical way to get the goo under the labels off the GT bottles?! I've tried SOS pads, stainless steel pads and even Goo Gone. I've googled and looked at this thread and hadn't found anything, but I still have yet to make it through all 54 pages before this so maybe I missed it!" I can help you with that. Fill the bottles with hot water and cap them. Dont get the labels wet. Let sit for 5 minutes. Then peel off from the top of where the label comes together to form the seam. If the label starts to leave paper on the bottle, just get it started again with your fingernail. When the mylar label is off, use goo gone to remove the glue from the bottle. When your mojo is good, very little goo stays on the bottle.
  8. Susan W

    Trader Joe's Coconut Cream

    "What kind of coconut milk can use in my Whole 30 and buy in Walmart ?" I second what Robin said. Gold star is great and the only ingredients are coconut and water. If your Walmart doesn't have it, fill out the little form the cashiers have and will appear.
  9. Susan W

    Bone Broth: How much? How often?

    I am trying not to laugh but the bone broth in your hair was too much for me. Gelling is a TOTAL mark of success. Nice job!! :0)
  10. Susan W

    The Official "Can I Have..." Guide to the Whole30

    I am having grilled chicken tonight and I had no idea what I was going to do, so I will turn some of my mayo into your lime cumin mayo. Perfect!!
  11. Susan W

    The Official "Can I Have..." Guide to the Whole30

    " my wasabi powder has tapioca starch?? I made baked kale chips, cauliflower hummus, and cumin lime mayo (homemade). Are these ok? They were all so good I was worried that they qualified as "sex with your pants on". Thanks for all your help! I am such a newbie... " Tapioca starch is okay. The others would only be considered SWYPO if they awakened a sleeping dragon for you. Cumin lime mayo sounds delish.
  12. Susan W

    Bone Broth: How much? How often?

    " I put in leeks, carrots, fish sauce, and cider vinegar. It's cooling now and smells better already." I think it will be tasty. Do salt it a bit. That helps a lot. Taste first because you used fish sauce...great idea by the way.
  13. Susan W

    Bone Broth: How much? How often?

    Oh, I understand. Are you cooking it with celery, carrots and onion? I also salt mine and put 2 bay leaves and 10 peppercorns in it. I also roast the bones before cooking the broth which gives it a more roasted aroma and flavor. I also cook mine out on my deck in a slow cooker for 24 hours. No worries could do some or all of that next time if you aren't thrilled with it this time. You can make some great soups with it. Clothes Makes The Girl has an awesome zucchini recipe on her website. It's called Silky Gingered Zucchini Soup. Google it and it will pull up. I make it about once a week.
  14. Susan W

    Bone Broth: How much? How often?

    What about it makes you nervous? It's nothing but pure goodness. You can have as much as you like. I usually have 1-2 mugs a day. I love starting and ending my day with it. I also make soups with it.
  15. Susan W

    Eating too much fat?

    Yes that would count, but you don't need to be too exact. Some days you will have more fat than others and that is fine. You can always fine tune things after the 30 days is up.