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Return of the Tiger Blood…Please. Reintro Log


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Here I am again. On Day 31 of a good first W30, work brought me to a soulless hotel for ten days. In a corporate office park. Getting "real" food was a challenge, but I managed to stay on W30, as far as I knew, but who really knows what they put in that stuff (by "that stuff" I mean what's passed off as food). And I figured I'd reintroduce wine. That was probably a mistake.


So today I'm starting again. I'm planning to put in a good W15 before I try to reintroduce anything. That will bring me to July 12. 


On W30, after about a week, the back and hip pain that's been my bane (and which may yet lead me into surgery) was pretty much gone, and I was back to working out three times a week. And I got the tiger blood experience, and felt generally terrific. 


Now, the pain has gradually crept back.Was the pain eradicated by the cortisone injection I had March 25, and now that is wearing off? Or was it also eradicated by the W30? Stay tuned, as an answer may or may not turn up.



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Congrats on your first W30!

I have chronic back and neck pain also. I've only made it to 12 days of continuous W30 once before, so I'm not sure how much it helped. I'm praying to the Goddess on High that it helps, because I've suffered through some intensity of this pain for the last 22 years. 

Good luck with your W15! I hope it helps!

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