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My Whole 30 Do Over


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So I have decided to have a do over. I had too many things catch me by surprise and I want to learn from my 26 days of mistakes and self education and start fresh!

My official start day will July 5.

I will eat as clean as humanly possible this weekend, but I'm traveling and may not know every spice/ingredient I will be eating, so I am going to wait until Tuesday for my official restart.

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The big reason for me restarting was that I had not read anything about bacon having sugar and that was one label I never read. Also I agree out and didn't ask the right questions about the steak I ordered and ended up sick from something they used.

Since I plan to do this long term, it just made sense to start over and do better using the knowledge I have gained by my mistakes.

I just wasn't in a good place to start reintroducing yet.

Thanks for asking!

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Pre day 1: (July 2) - spent the day packing.

Hash for breakfast (at 11 am) made with home made sausage, kimchi and kambucha

Lunch got missed since breakfast was so late

Dinner was ground beef patty with homemade Mayo on lettuce, homemade coleslaw

Pre-day 2 (yesterday). I was on the road until 2 pm, then setting up camp

Breakfast was hash, kimchi and kambucha

Lunch was in two parts. First was almonds and blueberries, second was almonds and cherries (I know lowsey, but I driving for 5 hours)

Dinner was turkey and coleslaw, with cherries for dessert

I had a huge victory in that i wasn't tempted by the other offering at the Group dinner.. Stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy. . And later cookies

I had a handful of cherries and a few blueberries and strawberries when everyone was pigging out on cookies.

Man, I am with a group of people who seriously over eat... Plus alcohol. Only one person here yesterday was not seriously overweight. Even though I still have around 40 pound to lose, there is only one person here who is thin, but she is an unhealthy thin. KWIM?

Today will be interesting.... They are having pancakes for breakfast, yuck, I truly have never like pancakes. Iv am cooking oatmeal for my kids and I am having my bunny breakfast hash and kimchi. I also plan to make a nice salad and egg salad to go with the group lunch, and I have more coleslaw too.

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