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Shamefully cheated with decadent toast (in my dreams)


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Have you ever had a dream about your significant other in which he/she cheats on you?  You wake up mad, hurt, sad...it takes a while to even talk to the person, to give the details of the horrible incident that happened IN YOUR DREAM.   :rolleyes:


Well this dream was of that intensity.


I was talking on the phone to the cable company (jerks), was on hold and mindlessly eating my breakfast.  And for some reason I was doing all of this sitting on the floor of a kitchen (didn't look like my kitchen).  Off to the side there was a plate of toast.  As I was waiting to talk to the person on the phone, I picked up a piece and took a bite.  


It was the most magnificent piece of toast I'd ever had:  light, airy, crispy, fresh with a touch of sweetness to it that I realized was a light dusting of cinnamon and sugar.  I swallowed one bite,  picked up the plate with the other pieces as I stood up, and looked down the hallway to see my husband watching me.  As soon as I saw him, I realized what I had done.  My eyes widened, the plate fell from my hand, I spit the current bite of toast I had into a napkin, and was mortified!  He started laughing... I remember him saying "oh baby, it's not a big deal; you just had one bite."  I began sobbing "I have to start at Day 1!!  You don't get it; it's a huge deal!"  I ran to the bathroom to make myself get sick.


And that's when I woke up this morning... ticked off at my husband because he CLEARLY didn't understand the importance of sticking with the program.  Luckily he was still asleep and didn't have to feel my wrath.  ;)


Oh, and I don't even like toast all that much.  But that piece-it was ambrosia.



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