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  1. Good point-I've started some healthy food prep this morning and am going to print out tracking sheets to start using tomorrow as recording everything I eat & the exercise I do helps me. I currently run with friends about once a week (did 5 miles last Sunday), and have run 7 half marathons, many 10k/5ks, but yes, it would be good to find some other races. I was working out 5+ days per week through mid-summer, and quite honestly, just fell into a mild depression/funk after my daughters headed off to college that I've had a hard time getting out of. I had a few stay in bed all day days on weekends when my husband was working. But I do feel it going away and I do recognize that crappy eating and lack of exercise contribute to feeling blah. So I want to make the change. Thank you.
  2. My youngest went off to college in late August, and while I'm so incredibly proud and happy for her, it's been rough for me. My husband works an opposite shift, has different days off than I do, so I'm alone more than I care to be (I like my alone time, but this is too much). I've developed a sweet tooth that I never really had before after successfully cutting sugar out. I've done three Whole30 cycles, and ate very well for about nine months, but have slowly gone off the rails since about May. I've now gained a solid 10#, and being 5'3", an extra 10# is not pretty & doesn't feel good. I had cut out gluten, but am slacking off with that as well. I'm swollen, achy, and (as you can probably tell-lol), my mood has suffered. I so desperately want to find my motivation again. Yesterday I signed up for the Diva half marathon on Long Island for next October. I do well with having future goals, so this is good, but I need something else for the spring. Goals like that help. I bought a 20x punch card for my local bootcamp, but haven't gone yet because I feel out too out of shape to go (ironic, right?! lol). I had been working out 5x per week until this summer. I need a kick in the a$$, something to get me back in check. I keep looking at my calendar to figure out when I can start a fresh Whole30. Maybe 10/25 when we get back from a trip??
  3. I'm flying on Wednesday and don't know what to do about chewing gum for take-off and landing. Any ideas?? I can't stand when my ears won't pop. I can't have gum, right?
  4. My stomach has been off today. I'm on Day 17 and have done this 2 other times, so I don't think it's a result of anything except all of the cooties that are floating around. My typically go-to's when my stomach is upset include crackers, gingerale, and rice. I'm thinking I'll have some bone broth for dinner with potato. I've been drinking homemade ginger tea (just ginger in boiling water). If it continues I could do a homemade chicken & veggie soup... plain chicken... apples... any other ideas?
  5. January 2nd start date

    The change in how I drank coffee was a big one for me when I did my first Whole30 in July. BUT... I now drink coffee with coconut milk all the time. Those artificial creamers which used to be a staple in my house now taste too sweet and all I can think about is how they're made of fake junk. You'll get there... you'll have support with many of us.
  6. January 2nd start date

    I'll be starting 1/2 as well (I think!!). My plan is to use 1/1 as a giant prep day, then start the next day. But I may just start on the 1st-not 100% sure yet.
  7. I had Pad Thai tonight and within 5-10 minutes, I became phlegmy, stuffy, and had a mild headache. I'm thinking soy?? I've had rice, so I doubt it was the rice noodles-plus I didn't eat much. The dish tasted very, very sweet to me.
  8. Pumpkin pulled pork

    I'd recommend adding a cut up sweet potato to it when you add the butternut squash. It would just add a touch of sweetness.
  9. Pumpkin pulled pork

    I made up a new recipe that turned out pretty well-Pumpkin Pulled Pork We used the crockpot. I bought about 4 lbs of pork roast, rubbed pumpkin pie spice all over them, sliced up a vadalia onion, and added a large can of pumpkin-salt & pepper... I let that go for the bulk of the day and about 2 hours before serving, added cubed butternut squash. Tonight I had it over a sweet baked potato (yum)!
  10. Business Trip to Switzerland

    I would be doing a lot of research on common types of foods & specific restaurants in the places you'll be. For your flights, follow much of the same advice as others have given for travel: packs of olives, cut up veggie sticks, emergency bars, Chomps, fresh fruit, etc. Grab a salad when you can.
  11. Starting on Tuesday 9/6

    This may sound odd, but I have itchy spots on my head, like dry patches or something (no, not lice -says while itching head and starting to freak out just thinking about it). It could be related to this; it could be related to traveling this week, using Hilton Hotels' shampoo, which is all the Neutragena stuff. ??
  12. Starting on Tuesday 9/6

    I'm traveling this week, and although I brought a ton of compliant food, it's definitely harder. I'm antsy, want to go out for food, but don't want the temptation. I'm taking my daughters and their friends to an amusement park on Saturday for my one daughter's birthday-that's what I'm most nervous about. You can't bring food in (I'm still going to bring a bar in my bag). My plan is to bring a cooler bag and go back to the car for my lunch. I'll eat breakfast before we leave (it's a 2 hr drive). It looks like compliant food in the park may be a salad with most stuff picked off and my own dressing. But life goes on, right? We have to figure out how to do this and keep doing the other things, like celebrating kids' birthday, traveling for work, etc.
  13. pickled beets

    I've bought some at our grocery store (Hannaford-found in NY and the New England area). If I'm there tomorrow I'll try to find them again and write down the brand. Many have sugar. I got a salad with beets, and it wasn't until I got the salad that I realized they were pickled beets-pickled with vinegar & sugar! No thank you.
  14. Lunch Ideas?

    You could make chicken or egg salad with either the homemade mayo recipe or avocado mayo paired with cut up veggies and some olives.
  15. Food saver

    We received a Food Saver unit as a Christmas gift, and I never realized how wonderful it would be for something like the Whole30! We grilled a bunch of different types of burgers (bison, chicken & beef) and chicken on Sunday, and I used the food saver to seal up individual servings of protein. Now I have them to easily pull out when I'm the only one home for a meal. I also think if we kept them in the fridge, they'd keep longer than they normally would, but I want to look into that further. I'm traveling for work next week. My hotels have fridges & microwaves, so I'm planning on bringing a few of the frozen single packets with me to make meals on the road easier.