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  1. Starting January 22nd

    YAY!!!!!!! Awesome, @shanajane!! I'm feeling great and very proud for sticking with it! This time was easier than others (except for my first). I think it was because it gave me something to focus on vs. feeling sad that both my girls were back at college (first time empty nester this year). I'll be doing my measurements/after pics tomorrow! I want to hear from others from our group too!
  2. Starting January 22nd

    Day 26!! This round has been a very good one-I've been motivated and steadfast about staying true to the plan. How's everyone else doing?
  3. I get together with one of my sisters about once a month. We each get the ingredients for a double batch of two different recipes, cooking one each ahead of time, then we cook the other two meals together. We've always had at least one soup, and everything is compliant. I had a handful of items in the freezer before starting this round of the whole30, and it truly made life easier.
  4. We'll make "rice" bowls with salsa chicken as described by others. Cook the chicken in the crockpot with compliant salsa, roast up some cauliflower rice, and serve with toppings like diced red onion, olives, diced tomatoes and guac.
  5. You consider cancelling a doctors appointment made several months ago because you know they'll weigh you. (True story... I have a plan to close my eyes and ask her not to tell me/move the scale slider thingys.) You wonder if your mint-flavored dental floss is compliant.
  6. Starting January 22nd

    Day 16 indeed!! I'm doing well with it all, but have found that I have more skin issues than before I started this round. I expected it earlier, but thought it would have balanced out by now/gotten better as it has in previous rounds. My husband is eating more of a paleo style, so that's been helpful this time. We cooked up a turkey yesterday so we'd have good leftovers. Sides included thinly sliced potatoes with onion/garlic and a spaghetti squash mix.
  7. Pretend It's a Donut has a recipe that calls for nutritional yeast, so I picked some up today. I've never used it before-please tell me about it.... what's your favorite way to use it? Recipes with it?
  8. Starting January 22nd

    I had a lot of energy today (after sleeping in ) and accomplished a lot. What's everybody cooking/prepping for the week?
  9. Starting January 22nd

    Day 2 down! How did everyone feel? I'm so happy to feel like I'm in control again!
  10. Can I have these teas on whole 30?

    I just discovered that one of my favorite teas-a lemon-ginger probiotic tea-has soy lecithin in it.
  11. Starting January 22nd

    I'd encourage you to take photos tonight. It's sometimes surprising-and exciting-to see the difference.
  12. Starting January 22nd

    Great sites and resources!! I love Jay's buffalo chicken casserole! A few quick/easy things to add: if you have a crockpot (or instant), use it! I often throw chicken in the crock with onions, a little chicken broth and some spices then shred it up for all sorts of things (salads, to make "rice bowls" with caul rice, tomatoes, olives, guac). I also make pulled pork in the crock and typically use a compliant dry rub, then add a little mango juice (no sugar added). I often put the pork over sweet potatoes. I've also made a mango, pineapple, red onion "salsa" to top it.
  13. Starting January 22nd

    @AshleyBovard, I still have my morning coffee, but I drink it with either coconut milk, flavored nutpods, or Vital Proteins coffee creamer. One of my favorite snacks is having cut up celery,carrots & peppers with compliant guac. I've gotten so I'll eat anything for breakfast and think of it as "Meal 1." I'm going to check out Real Plans-I've never looked at it.
  14. Starting January 22nd

    How's everyone doing? Are you ready for tomorrow? I am!! Today I: roasted potatoes roasted caul & sweet potato rice made Pretend It's a Donuts' "chicken pot pie casserole" recipe and divided it into single servings cut up strawberries and put them in single serve containers made hard boiled eggs went grocery shopping for good stuff (kale, apples, turkey cutlets, ground chicken, celery, olives, etc.) did before pictures (ugh) did before measurements (double ugh) printed out weekly food journal Packed my Whole30 Day by Day book in my work bag. I'll weigh myself in the morning. We've got this!!!
  15. Starting January 22nd

    I'm starting on the 22nd as well! I did my first Whole30 last summer and rocked it, stayed with for quite some time, then started to falter in the spring. My youngest graduated last June, so between then and about Oct. my newly found empty nest had me in a funk and my eating/working out went to [email protected] I'm soooooo ready to feel healthy again and do this! I've been prepping food, freezing soup and other goodies like homemade chicken meatballs, and have a prep menu set for Sunday (will be roasting potatoes, making a kale/onion/apple saute, roasting caul rice, cooking up a span squash to then make a whole30 version of "Chicken Pot Pie" by Pretend it's a Donut). Having support is so helpful!