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  1. One of my favorite Whole30 foods to make is a variety of types of meatloaf. I most often use ground chicken or ground bison. I don't have specific recipes I use-I kinda make it up. Here are a couple of ideas: Ground chicken buffalo style meatloaf- mix together 2 packages of ground chicken, Franks hot sauce, finely cut scallions, shredded carrots (chopped up a bit), chopped up celery, salt/pepper, Mrs. Dash... cook at 400 for 30 mins. Greek style meatloaf: I use ground chicken or ground bison for this and sometimes mix up the ingredients a bit: 1 to 2 packages of ground meat (u
  2. A couple of my favorite soup recipes: Dairy Free clam chowder on the Pretend It's a Donut website, Skinny Taste's chicken/kale/sweet potato soup, Fixate green's soup (TONS of veggies in that), and WholeSmiths' thai carrot soup
  3. Sorry-I hadn't been on. Yes, I started then too! I'm doing well-hope you all are also!!
  4. I'm planning on starting Oct. 19th too! I wanted to start sooner, but have a colonoscopy (50 yr old must do) this Thursday, so I had to wait until that was over with. I've made a handful of soups over the past month and have been routinely freezing a quart or two per batch. I've done a couple of Whole30s previously, but it's been a while. I'm ready to get back on track.
  5. I've done the Whole30 several times; however, the last one I did was a year ago so I feel like I need to revisit old recipes/find new ones. I'm on Day 6 now. Some of my past favorites on the playlist: turkey, kale, sweet potato soup dairy free clam chowder pulled pork (over sweet potato, with homemade fruit salsa) eggs with veggies and guac various styles of chicken/turkey/bison meatloaf compliant apple chicken sausage with kale, apples and coconut flakes buffalo spaghetti squash/chicken casserole What are some of your favorites? Ple
  6. How's everyone doing? Day 2 down!
  7. This is my 4th Whole30. I did my first one a few years ago and stuck with it for about two years. My sugar dragon mixed with menopause took a toll on me over the past six months (I gained weight and have achy joints again), and I'm finally ready to get back to eating healthy and feeling good! I started prepping food here and there over the past week and have done a ton of cooking today. My husband is going keto, so not as strict as me, but he'll be eating clean which will be soooo helpful! Did anyone else start today?