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  1. I know Halloween isn't the best day to start, but I like starting on Mondays and am ready to get going. I've done some shopping and food prep today, but will do much more tomorrow. I'm Christy-I live in the Saratoga, NY area... turning 53 in about a week. I'm ready for a reset and it's been awhile since I've done a Whole30. Sugar and gluten are making my legs achy again (this was what motivated me to do my first one back in 2015), and I'm looking forward to getting back on track/feeling better. Who's joining me?
  2. I'd love an accountability buddy! What's the best format for us to do that? Sounds like your goals are similar to mine. I had a bison burger, buffalo style cauliflower and a few olives for dinner. How about you? Any other food prep today? I whipped up some chicken salad. I'm heading into the office tomorrow through Thursday, which will be my first time back in (except for a 15 min supply run) since 3/16/20. I already have food planned out for the day, so I should be in good shape.
  3. Sometimes I'll saute onions & peppers to put on top of a burger (or I'll caramelize onions to have with burgers). I love to make a big batch of buffalo cauliflower that lasts for a few meals (cauliflower with ghee, Franks & garlic powder). Brussel sprouts are another favorite!
  4. I prepped my breakfast for the week today: coconut oil in a large skillet, add chopped onions, add a package or two of Aidells cut up apple chicken sausage & let brown... add a handful of shredded carrots, 3 chopped granny smith apples, kale... salt/pepper & a couple of shakes of pumpkin spice... sometimes I add some shredded unsweetened coconut for a little extra healthy fat.
  5. I've been thinking about doing the September Whole30; however, I want to start now. I've done 6-7 over the past several years, and they're a great reset for me. I've written a list of my favorite Whole30 meals and am going grocery shopping tomorrow/will start food prep. Anyone else starting on Monday, 8/16?