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Woohoo - not a morsel of non-compliant food.......


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DIL and grandchildren came for the day today. I normally provide lunch for them but this time I asked my DIL to bring something with her as I had already done my shopping - and if I pop to a shop to buy bits for them I nearly always end up spending too much and being left with temptation in the house :)  


It was a really hot day so I had set up the big paddling pool, and quilts and cushions in the shade.  I made up a jug of squash and a jug of water.  I am so proud to say that not even an inadvertent lick of an ice-lolly made it past my lips :)  


A fully compliant day for me and I am genuinely surprised at myself!  Patting myself on the back for this one :D


Long may this continue :D

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