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Hello, just a quick note to say HI!

Today is day 2 for me all all is going 'somewhat' smoothly. I can't believe I passed up banana chips at the store and didn't trick myself into thinking they were healthy! ha ha

I discovered the Paleo way about 6 weeks ago and have been doing really well, but sort of went off the rails this past week - what started as one glass of wine on Monday, turned into pasta, ice cream in the middle of the week and even had some dreaded banana and peanut butter on wheat toast on Sunday!

I couldn't believe how easily things went down hill this week, its like the devil took over and was making all my decisions. I wanted to kick myself back into gear, so I thought I'd do a proper Whole 30 challenge, which I haven't done yet. I signed up for the Whole30 Daily and the emails are helping alot. Whoever wrote the emails and the timeline is seriously so funny.

Just wondering if there anyone here from down under? Would love to meet some Paleo friends in Sydney.

Happy Eating :)

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Hello My friends, sorry for the late reply and thanks for your notes. Great to meet you all! I am on day 5 and going strong though I am still craving something sweet from time to time...mainly at night (as I type this my hubs has dipped into the gourmet choc ice cream!)

The thing that keeps me going is how I feel in the AM, if my will power can get through these times in the evenings then I will know I will appreciate it in the morning. Also, posts like wholelottachange HELP massively. Thank you!! I think I will pop into other months to see how people who have completed feel today. I love hearing all the success stories!!

Good luck everyone!

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