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45 Days Done!


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Today was day 45, yay! 


I have to say, I don't feel as much 'changed' as a lot of other people seem to, and I didn't really experience the 'carb flu', 'kill all the things', etc. I think this is due to my having struggled with my weight for most of my life and having already arrived (via low-fat '90s, Atkins '00s, etc.) at a whole foods/paleo-ish diet before starting the Whole30. My primary goals were to identify the cause of the digestive issues I've experienced for years, shift the balance of fruits and veggies in my diet (I favored fruits because they were quick and portable, vs. veggies that had to be prepped, cooked, reheated, etc.) and get completely away from sugar for as long as possible. Sweets have always been my weakness and although I had already cut back significantly on added sugars and kicked my diet Coke habit, I was eating a lot of fruit and still struggled with the baked goods and candy that show up at work, and other 'treats'. And of course I also hoped to lose some weight.


Since today is still day 45, I haven't weighed myself yet so all my victories are NSVs  :)

  • My stomach has consistently felt much better on W30 than previously. My issues haven't completely disappeared but bloating was such a problem before and my stomach mostly feels nice and flat now.
  • I eat 3 meals, with a pre/postWO or mini meal, and that's it. I'm completely satisfied and while I start feeling ready to eat again after 4-5 hours. it's not the crazy growling stomach I used to get every mid-morning and mid-afternoon. Fat adapted!
  • I have made the switch to a much more veggie-heavy diet
  • I turned down every brownie, cookie, cake, potato chip, etc. that showed up at my office for 45 days. This stuff isn't usually even that good, but I would eat it just because it was there (and because I was getting hungry every few hours!).
  • Related to that, I feel like I've gained perspective that will help me be better able to decide what's 'worth it'. Knowing that I passed up every 'treat' I was offered for 45 days without feeling deprived, and that it was not in fact the last opportunity I would ever have to eat ice cream, is empowering.
  • I did the whole 45 days without a Larabar (I ate them regularly preW30 and still had a stash on hand) and only once had an Epic bar (no danger of that becoming a habit  :wacko: )
  • Although I haven't weighed myself, I can tell my clothes are looser and several people have told me I look like I've lost weight. I can also see better muscle definition.

I still have things to work on!

  • Sleep. I rarely get enough sleep because I stay up too late and try to fit too much into my days. I'm honestly not sure what the solution will be, but I need to make a focused effort to address it.
  • Avoiding the slippery slope from occasionally, intentionally going off plan (whatever my long-term plan ultimately looks like) to eh, I've already had x, y, and z, so why not?
  • I haven't eaten the sugary/carby things for 45 days, but they still look good. I feel like I've seen people say pretty frequently that their cravings are gone and I'm not really sure what they mean - that they no longer want sugar/carbs all the time? that they might think about it, but don't give in now? that the sight of birthday cake turns their stomach? The first two make sense to me; the last one doesn't and probably never will.
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