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55 and feelin' Alive!


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Whole30 almost done, Wow, what a Journey! People don't usually believe me when I tell them I am 55 because I have tried to watch what I eat and exercised regularly for a long time. However, I was not happy as I looked in the mirror and I also had gut problems and could not figure out why, I was vegan for goodness sake! Enter the Military Diet. I wanted to lose that last 5-7 stubborn lbs. before my birthday July 10 of this year. If you don't know what the Military Diet is Google it. It's 3 days of drastic calorie cutbacks with an ice cream reward at the end of each day. You will lose weight! And NO! I do not recommend it, not anymore after my Whole30 has only 1 more day to go! 

After I dropped the weight in 3 days and returned to eating my regular, moderate vegan diet the weight came right back in 2 days! Yep! I realized it had to be the carbs, because except for the ice cream you eat virtually no carbs. That led me to researching low carb eating, which led me to Paleo and then.....ahhhhhhhh Whole30! I saw it at my local bookstore and then went back and bought it! I decided then and there to start and not delay. I started July 18th. I also read ISWF during my Whole30. 

During the Whole 30 I felt.....really tired at the beginning. I felt impatient. I felt angry. I felt exhilarated because I love the adventure of cooking and new ways of eating and taking care of my health. I felt anxious about being able to keep up with all the cooking. I felt discouraged because I didn't know how I would tell my family and friends I didn't want to eat at certain restaurants. I felt empowered when I said "No, thanks!" and I really felt all set and that I wasn't missing out. I felt sad because I knew that sugar was not my friend and this journey was proving it. I felt so dang proud of myself because EVERYTHING I was putting in my mouth was whole and wholesome and yummy and healing and delicious! 

Now that I am finishing I plan to continue. I plan to see my stomach continue to heal. I plan to cook more delicious meals. I plan to snack smartly and watch how much sugar (fruit) I eat and not go for Larabars, etc. (they are NOT my friends). I plan to see my hair continue to look amazing as it thrives on having more good fats and healthy proteins and carbs in my diet instead of the No Oil Plant based diet I was on that was starving my poor hair and skin! I plan to embrace 55 with a new passion. I plan on sharing this way of life (in moderation) with my family and friends. I plan on going to CrossFit one day and I plan on laughing out loud and say a silent thanks to Whole30 when they ask me the question I love to give the answer to...."How Old Did You Say You Were?!?" 




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Great post. I am 2 days away from finishing my first whole30, and I just turned 55.   I feel very good about the changes through this program, and I agree, Lara bars are not my friends either.

I plan on continuing for a few more months to anchor the changes in my brain.  

thanks for sharing


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Thanks for your positive, realistic and encouraging words. I am on day 5. Should have done more prep, but it was a bit overwhelming, so I did some prep, and jumped in. My 24 year old daughter, in another state, started with me. Her second whole 30. I started this journey to improve my health 3 years ago when I joined a gym. I have been exercising pretty consistently and I initially lost 30 pounds, but gained back half. I realized that counting and limiting calories was not really the way to go because it's not something I can can sustain for a lifetime. Whole 30 concepts make a lot of sense to me. I am starting now because I have developed tendinitis in a couple of areas of my body, I want to get off the heartburn medication, and yes, I want to attain and maintain a healthy weight. Healthy skin, sleep, and energy all sound great too, although, I don't have majors issues in those areas. I have never been part of an online forum before, so I am looking forward to connecting with people like me who are on a similar path. Happy New Year!

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