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So it begins


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My journey here has been interesting. A year ago, a co-worker went "paleo" as well as my supervisor. I didn't pay attention.  Eight months ago, several more co workers went "whole30" and again, I didn't pay attention. A few weeks ago, my sister went "paleo". Again, I was "hooray for you" and went on my merry way. Two Saturdays ago, I passed out from heat exhaustion at Bush Gardens. There is NO way to describe the embarrassment one feels from being wheeled out of an amusement park. Needless to say, my doctor and I had a serious heart to heart discussion. As you can see from the above, I'm not the swiftest to catch on crayon in the box. We discussed, the slightly high blood pressure, the extra "person" in weight that I carry, the fact I'm dehydrated, I don't eat right, my minerals are so off course I probably qualify as a non-human entity.  She flat said "You HAVE to start eating correct, you HAVE to start getting some kind of exercise and you HAVE to rejoin the human world". Um, yeah, it was a wake up call. She literally said, "Everyone talks about second chances, this one is yours". She jumped on her tablet swiped around it and told me to check my kindle.  When I looked, the Whole 30 cookbook was there. She said, "Read it, do it, learn from it".   So here I am.

I spent the better portion of yesterday in the grocery store and Sam's Club following "the list". I had always heard the "shop the perimeter" of the store, but once again, never paid attention. They are right, all the good stuff is on the perimeters. I ventured down a few aisles for the canned goods but that was it. Most of the store is useless and full of crap. Who knew? I did the "cleaning" thing at the house. The good news and the only plus from my "before" time as I'm now calling it, was there really wasn't a lot of crap to toss out. I mean, yeah, milk, bread, grains. But not a lot of junk food, like cookies, chips, etc. That made me feel much better.  So, the fridge is full of fruits, veggies and eggs. Dear lord, do I have eggs! 

Speaking of eggs, I was gifted that handy dandy Krup egg cooker which arrived yesterday. Thank you Amazon for Sunday Delivery! Wow, is all I can say about that thing. I made up two dozen hard boiled eggs to get started. Poached a couple this morning. LOVE THAT THING. I was also gifted the  Zoodle? I'm kind of iffy on that one, but one must take chances to live, yes? I'm not a huge veggie person, more like corn and broccoli and yeah, I'm done. This is a very much branch out for me, but I'm determined to do it. As the book says, this is not hard. We think it  is, but it's not.  I can do anything for 30 days. Okay, not hold my breath, but ya'll get this idea cause ya'll are doing this too. I'm fully expecting to bitch and whine for the first few weeks, or I might bitch and whine the whole 30 days? Either way, I'm committed to doing this. 

So, along with the whole30...there is beginner yoga involved and a walking group being formed. Even if I didn't want to do this, my friends are going to make sure it gets done anyway.  Is my goal to lose weight? Um, not really. I mean I do need to it, but it's not the focus. My focus is to get my bodies attention and get it working again for me and not against me. My really big goal..be able to go to an amusement park, in Florida, in August and be able to spend the day and walk out on my own two feet.  I promise you, this is probably the strangest "goal" on here.  I'm looking forward to meeting everyone and hearing your stories. People are amazing at how they got to a place, what drives them to move forward and what they do to get to that final destination. Should be an interesting journey. 

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16 hours ago, Willowwest said:

I'm not a huge veggie person, more like corn and broccoli and yeah, I'm done.

Hey Willow & welcome to Whole30!!

You sound like your head is in the right place to power through this, so just before you accidentally go of course I'm gonna point out that corn is not a veg, it's a grain and as such it's strictly off limits during your Whole30 - so yeah, branch out & try some real veg - I think you'll find you like it!!

Best of luck to you & please do ask if you've any queries/questions etc. We'll even lend an ear when you want to b*tch & whine ;):D

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