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stick with it - improved endurance


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I just wanted to post an athletic success - I did a metric century this weekend (road bike, moderate elevation) after having been off the bike for nearly two months, and having reduced the "chronic cardio" (running, which I love) for another month. I didn't eat much at all at the rest stops (trail mix was all they had that I could eat - otherwise all gluten all the time! I did eat some salad at the lunch stop with gluten free ceasar dressing, but that wasn't exactly... filling). I finished the ride with energy to spare and three days later have not had any muscle soreness - though the sitz bones are definitely tender :). I took a few salt caps near the end of the ride due to some slight quad cramping and need for resupply of electrolytes, but was able to finish the ride strong, leading my pack back to the start.

I've been Paleo for about 7 months now, and am near 90% compliance on a regular basis, with raw dairy and raw honey (and an occasional gluten free treat - high on my F/O scale) accounting for my 10% not compliant. At first I felt terrible when trying to run or cycle - but this weekend's ride showed that this style of eating works for me. My friends were chowing on gus and gels and eating pie and ice cream at one of the last stops - I had no desire. I felt strong, and I showed strong. It was my fastest metric ever and with the least fuel ever.

Bottom line, paleo works for me. It took at least four months before I started to feel that. So stick with it if you're new and still questioning. It takes time to recalibrate before you can decide if it's for you.


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