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Bariatric surgery, depression and hunger

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To keep it short:

10 history of depression and on medication

Had bariatric surgery 2 years ago and lost 80 pounds but never learned to eat better

Did a Whole30 attempt but was ravenous with hunger despite snacks of fruit and nuts or Lara bars

Considering gluten free oatmeal and gluten free quinoa to help because I don't think I can do it otherwise

How do I do this? Eat 5 meals instead of 3? More carbs? More fat?

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Hey there & welcome :)

Yes, anyone coming here following this type of surgery needs to eat 4-5 smaller meals in order to eat the volume required. All meals should still match the recommended mealtemplate though of protein, fat & veg, and that should keep the hunger at bay. Snacks of fruit, nuts and/or bars only impact blood sugar, cause spikes & dips, and bring on faux hunger, mood swings, unstable energy etc which is why we don't recommend them.

Just to comment that if you include GF oatmeal or quinoa this will not be a Whole30 as these items are clearly called out in the rules as off limits, and so if you go this rute we may not be able to help tweak meal composition etc., although including wholesome nutritious foods over and above the typical SAD if that's where you're coming from is only going to be beneficial to your health.

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