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So many foods off the menu...


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So I guess this is the reality check. We are doing a slow reintroduction and chose the foods that matter most to the hubby kiddo and me for our reintroduction. So far, the hubby and kiddo can have everything they have tried... corn, pasta,  oroweat brand potato bread...butter all ok to them. (mutters about men losing weight AND getting the goods back too!)


Me.. not so much


1) corn: mouth got sores in it.. felt a rash sensation on my neck and face AND.. a numbness/tingling sensation within minutes of putting that golden goodness in my mouth. I also noticed my joints reacted. Now.. I did not want to accept that it was the corn.. so I tried again. Same thing. Sigh.. alas my corn tortilla and salsa loving ways are now a thing of the past! I cannot believe this reaction when I have eaten corn at least 5 times a week in some form or another since childhood with zero issues. I feel almost like a best friend died. However, on the up side, I feel in control. I am choosing to say NO to corn in all its forms.. because I refuse to let 1% of my body dictate how the rest of my body feels. Being healthy is more important than satisfying a tastebud or two.. right? ( I keep telling myself that in hopes that repetition will make the loss easier =p)


2) Pasta: OMG.. worse reaction than to corn.. my mouth still feels like it was rubbed with sandpaper... and I feel.. poofy! Honestly though I didn't even enjoy the pasta.. its over rated! So I won't miss it one bit. I haven't tried bread at all, but I am pretty sure we are going to be going our separate ways based on the pasta trial tonight.


Its weird.. while I was pure whole30 not having certain foods didn't bother me. Now that I am post whole30 and trying to reintroduce stuff I am realizing that the reality is .. I can go back to my self abusive ways, or I can stay close to whole30 even when the rest of the household has all the goodies I can no longer enjoy. I know it will get easier.. but man... it isn't easy right now to see my kiddo shoving tortilla chips and salsa in his mouth and GLOATING at me across the table because I couldn't have any! (Yes, my 8yo son did that to me today. I was about ready to march him out of the restaurant and drive home.. it was my first meal out post whole 30 and he absolutely made it miserable with his gloating over his being able to eat things I used to be able to but no longer plan to due to how they affect me).

Anywho.. wish me luck. Today I am grieving my beloved corn.. soon.. anger and .. attempts to bargain will come I am sure.. followed by acceptance =p





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