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Happy Day!!


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I don't own a scale. I just knew I could fit into jeans I hadn't worn in a couple of years comfortably when I went to the endocrinologist yesterday where I got great news. I have type 1 diabetes antibodies and haven't been on insulin since may when I delivered my baby boy and I felt that doing a whole 30 while I wasn't on insulin or other medication would help my mental state. My Endo's only warning was that w30 was a lot of work, so when a routine started showing up in our lives, I started eating 100% whole 30... August 1.

not only am I back to pre pregnancy weight, but my a1c is down .2. The only thing the doctor was slightly worried about was cholesterol, but considering I'm still eating mostly w30, she figured it may be genetics (I'll have to ask my parents) but it's not to the point where she wants to prescribe meds for it. (She warned me to lay off saturated fats... I think I'll just be a bit better about choosing better sourced fats) I've had better energy since whole 30 that I can function on less sleep. I wake up and am ready to go earlier most mornings, and when I do get to the point where I am tired, it's usually bed time. I drink coffee because I like the taste not because I need the caffeine. I'm actually happy about it!

i know I'm my worst critic and I'd love to lose more weight, but I'm also not at the point where I feel I HAVE to any more. I am comfortable in my skin and need to buy new jeans. I have one pair that fits and they are a little showy. I can live in yoga pants as a stay at home mom, right? Thank you whole 30 for resetting my relationship with food. 

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