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Hi all,


 I finished my whole30 last Wednesday. This is my 5th whole30 since September 2013. I've always had a tough time finding 40 days to do a Whole30 and a successful reintroduction, so hoping this one will stick!

My last few days were a bit weird, as I was traveling and though I ordered carefully at restaurants, think I was still dosed with a few things as I had sharp stomach pains a few times in the last days, either while at a restaurant or immediately following dinner. 


Day 30: glass of red wine (yes, this was technically on the Whole 30, but what is 8 hours, folks? it was my favorite type of wine and special in that it was on tap, which I rarely see. I also didn't finish the glass as I thought it was ok but not legendary). Had some pretty bad digestive issues all night, but also thought it could be blamed on something I ate? Would wine do that?


Fast forward to Day 32, and I've caught a cold. Sore throat, throat congestion, etc. So I ponder putting reintroduction on hold since I can't adequately test things while not healthy right? 


But Friday night, I do have two beers at a bar for a friend's birthday. And, feel fine? Wake up the next day and go to spin class. Still have cold. That night I go to a wedding. This is where I feel like the Whole30 rules really helped me. Observe my intake for the wedding (note, now that I've reintroduced both wine and beer, I drink both on this night, since I'm not reintroducing anything else):


Drinks: lots of club soda. French 75 (take two sips and decide it's too sweet, put it down and don't drink anymore). Two glasses red wine (I don't think I finished the second). Champagne for the toast (perhaps a shot glass's worth?). One of the signature cocktails (again, too sweet, I take two sips and don't drink anymore of it). Half a glass of champagne. A beer at the after party. (all of this was over the span of 6 hours--I'm counting perhaps four total drinks?)

Food: prosciutto-wrapped asparagus appetizers, salad with apples and grapefruit, lamb for entree, sauteed spinach, one bite of potatoes until I realized they were cheesy. One bite of chocolate peanut butter cupcake, raspberries from the dessert table. 


Since then, I've been back to whole30 eating, while also taking Emergen-C and ColdEeze to fight this cold. I also made bone broth (I think I need more bones) and have been having two mugs a day. Just want to kick this cold so I can keep on keepin' on with reintroduction and with my half marathon this Saturday. 

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