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Bacon, Apple, Shrimp, Spinach "Cajun" Stir Fry - Delicious and Took Less Than 10 Minutes!


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I had about 10 minutes between meetings today (I work from home) and had foolishly not planned what to make for lunch. I improvised something on the spot and it actually turned out AMAZING so I wanted to share! It took 5-10 minutes to make and was so delicious.

I chopped up two slices of sugar-free, whole30-compliant bacon and half of a pink lady apple. I fried the bacon first, then removed it to a plate. Next, I fried the apple in the bacon grease, adding salt and sugar-free cajun seasoning to the pan (if you mix your own, the key ingredients are paprika, pepper, oregano, garlic and thyme). Once the apple was cooked, I added that to the bacon on the plate. Last, I added shrimp and spinach to the pan (I used cooked, thawed-from-frozen shrimp) and cooked that in the remaining grease and spices, then added that to the plate as well. Voila!

I bet this would be great with eggs instead of shrimp for breakfast!

Be careful about the bacon and cajun seasoning as both often have sugar unless you specifically get one that is sugar-free.

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