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Day 3 of my first Whole30


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I'm sorry a moderator didn't make it in here before... knowingly eating a non compliant food is not in the spirit of the Whole30 and tacking days onto the end just to give yourself a pass to eat it isn't the best choice.

I'm not here to attack or chastise you, only to make this comment for others coming to this thread who may feel that it is on plan to do the same thing. 

The soup could have been frozen for after Whole30 etc... and as you knew it was non whole30 (even coming here to the forum to tell us about it), your Whole30 technically would start the next day.

There's an article linked in my signature below called Do I need to start over... maybe have a read through and see what you think.  Part of the Whole30 is to help teach where product manufacturers hide unnecessary sugar and chemicals as well as teaching how to ensure you know what you're eating by reading labels.

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