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Fergatron's "get huge by Christmas" log


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So I'm on day 30 of my whole30 and I've decided that I want to continue onwards with my journey. But this time round....I want to put weight on!

I'm going to eat a lot of whole 30 foods to see what will happen. I'll be following a strength program (cffb) with reduced conditioning and that'll be a few intense metcons or sprints. Metcons will be based on strongman movements or accessory work.

I'm currently under 13 stone and I'm 6ft5... So I kinda need it. I plan on logging everything this time around so I can get feedback and support. Plus I'm sure others will be interested in the outcome.

I'm not sure if I'm going to reintroduce anything during this period but who knows what'll happen!

Hand me a steak...

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Morto! can't even spell your own name :D;)

I would love a chest freezer and some farmer connections..

I presume you've seen this btw


It was my iPhone lol it did it.... So if a mod could be nice and change it!

Yeah that's what I'm following... Downloaded the article and I've read it a few times.. The day isn't even over yet and I've ate a mound already!

Ohh and I found a place up here in the north that's great. 5 kg tub of free range chicken breasts for £19. All their meat is grassfed too... Silverside roast for £12 and there's a lot of meat on it.. Stocked up on organ meats too... Happy days

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So day one has came and I've upped my intake big time. Feeling tired from it too!

Training today was:

Warmup: mobility drills and some activation drills


Deadlift work upto a heavy 5 reps (+5kg from last week) @ 135kg

Strict chin-ups 3xmax reps = 25 total reps




Ball slams @ 20kg

20m farmers walk @ 100kg

I usually do a metcon on Tuesdays or athletics. Tomorrow is a rest day so I've time to recover from this. It didn't take me long on the metcon and training was less than an hour.

Food looks like:

Pre workout:

Chicken and coffee with coconut milk (a good bit) and some bcaa tablets.

Post workout:

Lots of salmon with 3 sweet potatoes


Slow cooked beef with baby carrots (a whole box) cabbage, leeks, onion, broccoli. Added double fat to this...

Lunch: huge omelette with spinach, berries, mushrooms and squash. Coconut oil added to this too..

Dinner: chicken and half a turnip! With a large avocado and cauliflower...

Dinner two: tuna with shredded carrots and courgette. Olive oil dressing.

I'll eat the last one around bed time. I've also some food on lay by incase I need it. The amounts are colossal... But I've alot to eat still.

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Training: Rest day

Took the time to rest up today.. Other than work.


Breakfast: slow cooked beef stew with carrots, onions? Mushrooms and parsnips. Homemade guacamole and fish oils. Green tea to drink followed by water.

Lunch: tuna omelette with broccoli, spinach and tomatoes. Plenty of coconut oil too. Had a coffee with this and water again.

Dinner: grilled turkey with oven cooked curried sprouts, cabbage and leeks. Added my own spices and topped off with lime and olive oil. Water with lemon to drink.

night dinner (I need a name for this meal!): loads of fresh prawns, lime, chilli and olive oil dressing with some mashed carrots and parsnips. Green tea and lemon to drink.

I felt uncomfortable today wirh eating. Which is what I should feel... But I'm finding I've hit some dijestion problems. I've ordered a dijestive enzyme to see if that'll help.

Added more fat to my meals for my rest day, I've a heavy day in the gym tomorrow so need the recovery. Drinking more water too... Feel dehydrated. Kinda felt off all in all today but hopefully it'll pass.

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Apologies for the lack of posts! I fell sick and was in a bit of a bad way. I ended up eating some foods that arnt great... But I'm back on the wagon eating clean.. Hopefully untill Christmas!

I couldn't believe the mental effects bad foods had on me. My depression sky rocketed and I felt aweful ontop of feeling sick.

But it was an experience, and one I hope I won't make again. The article about the whole100 was something I could relate to and I'm going to give it a go :)

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