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Today is my day 7!!!! This is the first whole30 I've done where I haven't accidentally had Sulfites, food cooked from a restaurant (not knowing if it was compliant). One thing I'm going to chill out on is walnuts. I've found I've been making a salad with walnuts daily and whole30 daily emails talk about too many nuts and seeds and how they need to be limited due to inflammation. Anyone know how much is too much? I feel good and really want to do this right! I have a lot of clients who look up to me whom I want to share this with. Also, a twin brother who has cerebral palsy. I want to help him do one in January! Any tips there too would be greatly appreciated! 


For thanksgiving I am having steak. I prepped a turkey for my family and found out it's in solution! So I'm going to eat leftover steak we had last night. I made a whole30 stuffing, scalloped sweet potatoes, and cabbage wedges! Very excited! 

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For the nuts and seeds, a small handful, every other day or so would be best.

There's a lovely success story from someone who found Whole30 helpful for her cerebral palsy, it might be worth sharing with your brother and bookmarking for later for him to read through again if he gets frustrated during his Whole30: 

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