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Changed my Dad's life!!


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I originally did my first Whole30 last spring and was eating paleo until I fell off the wagon in June. Started my second Whole30 in August and have been doing great since. I feel great, have tons of more energy and lost 10 lbs. The real progress happened with my father though.

My dad is a very young 70, but his annual bloodwork in June was quite bad. He was also hypertensive for the first time in his life and started on an anti-hypertensive. I insisted that I wanted him around for a long time and that he must try the Whole30. I told him to just give it 30 days, and if he saw no improvement, I would drop the issue.

This was his blood work back in June:

Fasting glucose: 173

(BTW, the sneaky guy only gave me his cholesterol results in June and told me his fasting glucose was "a little high". Being a nurse, I would have clobbered him if I knew it was that bad!)

Hgb A1C: 6.5

Total Cholesterol: 155

Triglycerides: 330

HDL: 33

LDL: 54

Chol/HDL ratio: 4.7

Bloodwork from last week:

Fasting glucose: 109!!!

Hgb A1C: 5.1

Total Cholest: 148

Tryglycerides: 75!!!

HDL: 40

LDL: 93

Chol/HDL ratio: 3.7

After 30 days, he felt so much better that he vowed not to go back to his old eating habits! He even lost 20 lbs and I swear it all came from his belly. Most importantly he feels great. He still has to be on the BP med, but hopefully in time that will get better in time too. He no longer feels "tired and old" as he put it, and the arthritis pain in his knees is nearly gone. While I couldn't get him to completely read ISWF, he followed my instructions as I lead him through the program. I'm so proud of him!! Now I feel like my dear dad will be around longer than if he continued down his old path of bad eating.

One thing I am wondering about though is why is LDL jumped from 33 to 93. Does anyone have any input on that? Also, I was hoping for a higher HDL as 40 is right on the lowest end of normal.

Thank you Melissa, Dallas and the "Whole" team for the tools to change our lives! :D

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You probably understand the ins and outs of this more than I do, but my guess on the LDL is that it has to do with the weight loss. I understand that losing weight can effect blood test numbers for several months (the fat has to go somewhere and the body has to do something with it).

That's my very un-science-y guess.

And congrats to your Dad! That's wonderful! I wish my parents would consider this way of eating.

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I know what you mean...I wish I could get my mother to do this since she needed it more than my dad. To be honest, I was quite frank with my dad and told him he was going to die early if he continued down that road.

That's fantastic! I wish I could get my parents to care enough about their health to make a change, or at least give it an honest effort :( .

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