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Dana's first Whole 30, January 3 start


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So it begins. I ate great today, hopefully it will continue. Such a great variety of vegetables! I love the focus on feeling good rather than the scale. I wanted to start last summer, but we were in the midst of a big move and lots of transition and then came the holidays. After all the indulgence, I felt it was time to get clean. I didn't realize there was a big January start until I was reinvestigating and it seemed like the perfect time. I probably could have prepped more, but I am not a stranger to grain-free, and sometimes sugar-free and dairy- free eating. Last year I started eating wheat & gluten again after not for about 4 years. But reactions are not pleasant. I have Crohn's Disease and an ileostomy and though I have been in remission for a while, I feel continuing to eat foods that harm me would not have good results.

I am 50 years old and my only child will be turning 10 later this month. I really want to to be around for him for him...My other reasons:

  1. Less aches & pains
  2. More energy
  3. Reduce inflammation
  4. Freedom from sugar addiction/cravings
  5. fewer bag leaks (those with an ostomy will know what I'm talking about)

What I ate today:

M1: chorizo & eggs with shallots, zucchini, & avocado. Coffee with ghee & coconut milk

M2: Tuna with homemade mayo, celery, dill relish (Bubbe's), carrots, dried cranberries, scooped up with savoy cabbage; delicata squash roasted in coconut oil

M3: pot roast with carrots & onions over rainbow chard; roasted beets w/olive oil; olives; a date; and after Rooibos tea w/ coconut milk

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Day Two and I woke up with a mild headache. Thought coffee would help, water and moving around worked better.

M1: similar to yesterday (happy that the chorizo has no added sugar since the breakfast sausage I bought did): chorizo & eggs with shallots, zucchini, mushrooms (Veggies sauteed in ghee) & avocado; mandarin orange; coffee with ghee & coconut milk

M2: No-Fuss Salmon cakes over wilted spinach w/tartar sauce. Handful of cashews


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M3: turkey salad with thigh meat, celery, apple, dried cranberries, homemade mayo, scooped with Savoy cabbage. Sweet potato mash with a little ghee.

Going to have some rooibos with coconut milk now. I have no problem eating enough fat :)  

A couple hours after eating M2, had a wave of exhaustion. Took a  brief lie down then felt better. 

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Day Three

woke up feeling okay. Maybe I had more Day 3 symptoms yesterday because Day 0 I ate much cleaner though not quite compliant. 

M1 was delicious: leftover salmon cake with sauteed mushrooms & spinach and two eggs cooked in ghee; coffee with ghee & coconut milk; shared a mango with my son

M2: leftover turkey salad. I forgot to mention the walnuts. Ate it with napa cabbage. Handful of cashews.

Went to Costco & Trader Joe's to find compliant goodies. Now have Prosciutto, avocado oil, & cauliflower rice among other things. Interesting to shop at Trader Joe's and ignore all the sweet treats. I found things I didn't know they had. Nice kid at the register noticing what I was purchasing told me he was eliminating carbs, too, and trying to be aware of what he was eating. Told him I was doing Whole 30 and it was dairy I was missing.

Pre-M3: 1 Chomp Stick. Was hungry after shopping and wanted to try it so I ate it while waiting for pot roast to heat up.

M3: leftover pot roast over cauliflower rice with mushrooms, zucchini, & onions suateed in ghee & olive oil (my husband made the latter while I was out and was considerate to not use butter); a handful of olives. Then ate a date date with rooibos tea & coconut nut milk. I do like sweet after dinner and the date satisfies.


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Day 4 (posted on Day 5)

M1: chorizo & eggs with onion, cabbage, zucchini, & avocado. Coffee with ghee & coconut milk. was really filling

M2: I was't that hungry at put off the meal as long as I could. I had a lovely light meal: salad greens, cucumber, homemade vinaigrette, prosciutto, olives

M3: steak; sweet potato with a little coconut milk & ghee mixed in; salad w/cucumbers, homemade vinaigrette, cashews, a date, then Rooibos w/coconut milk

have been drinking lots of water.

Photos of these meal will be in other comments. 

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I couldn't get on the computer yesterday so I am posting both Days 5 & 6

Yesterday, Day 5

M1: sauteed mushrooms, spinach, & onion topped with 3 fried eggs, some mango, a few macadamia nuts

M2 (it was almost 5 by the time we ate): no-fuss salmon cakes, homemade tartar sauce, green salad with homemade vinaigrette

M3 (very small because it was so late): prosciutto, olives,  a carrot, I think I had some other sort of veg, but I can't remember what. Also had some Rooibos with coconut milk.


Today, we ventured into Seattle to see a play at the children's theater. It the first time I was away from home for a meal. It became 4 smaller meals because how the day went.

R1D6M1: no-fuss salmon cakes on wilted spinach topped with an egg (ghee used for both spinach & egg), a little homemade  tarter sauce, coffee w/coconut milk & ghee

R1D6M2, on ferry: short ribs (slow baked w/salt & pepper, made by my DH), a carrot, some sweet potato. I had dump ranch but forgot about until after we were done.

R1D6M3, at Uneeda Burger (first Whole30 meal at a restaurant): Lettuce wrap burger, no sauce (used dump ranch instead of theirs); green salad with my vinaigrette, a cherry pie lara bar after (not quite ER, but kid was having a cookie)

R1D6M4, back at home: 1 short rib, some prosciutto, handful of macadamia nuts, an apple, a carrot, some sweet potato, an apple, tea with coconut milk

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