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Start Date 1/9 AIP Whole 30

Laura Jeanne Penrod

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I started my first AIP Whole 30 yesterday. I have a battery of autoimmune issues (arthritis, tendonitis, eczema, and seborrheic dermatitis). I'm hoping that completing this will help me identify triggers for my skin, and primarily help with pain in my knee and shoulder. 

I've almost completed 2 days and it's truly been the HARDEST two days. Mostly due to all the limitations of the aip diet. I did food prep all day Saturday so have lunches, breakfast, and even AIP approved Whole 30 emergency snacks. I almost gave up today and threw in the towel to go to Weight Watchers. I then thought that overall I need to heal myself and get my relationship with food on track. This is going to be the most amount of soul searching I do..I'm sure of it. 

Good news is...I'm not alone! 

Thanks for having me! 


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