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Started December 27th, 2nd attemp


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Hi all,

I just spent 20 minutes or so writing my story, and the site logged me out for some reason and I lost it lol. Anyway, this is my second attempt at the Whole30. My first attempt over a year ago only got to day 5. I cried days 3 and 4, and was super mean on day 5. This time around, I was lucky enough to not notice my negative detox symptoms because I also had a really bad cold. Lucky for me, I'm not a alcohol or coffee drinker, and I've gone gluten free about two years ago (due to sensitivity), but I was a Dr Pepper addict. So far, I've been fine with lots of water and one or two cups of green tea a day (no sweeteners - I'm a label detective now!).

So this is day 19 for me. I'm not feeling any tiger blood yet, but I've had a few NSVs so far. Mostly that I am eating well enough to not need to snack between meals, not having cravings for non-compliant foods, and absolutely zero urge or compulsion to binge (which I've struggled with for the last 5 years). I'm learning to cook, since I'm bad at it, and I've even made mayo! Really tasty homemade mayo! I really hoping that this way of eating, this view of food, can become my new normal. I feel much more calm about food. I still want to see an improvement in my fatigue and of course I'm hoping that weight loss will be a nice side effect of not eating so much (or being a slave to) crummy, hyper-palatable, fake food - even though I know that this is not a weight loss diet. 

Please keep your fingers crossed for me that I can get through this! No one else I know is doing the Whole30, so it's a little lonely at times. :)

Thanks! -Liz

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Hello Lizzy,

I decided to comment here since I start just one day before you. Here is what I have noticed so far.

Overall-Health- I'm not sure I can say I feel like Superman just yet but I feel a general wellness all over. I don't have any aches or pains and I have not had so much as a sniffle or sneeze since starting. I work with kids so it's not rare for me to get 2 colds a week. :)

Sleep Apnea-I think better, I fell asleep without my CPAP on one night and didn't feel like crap the next day

Non-Scale victories-My clothes fit way better and I can see my eyes are not as puffy (inflamed). It's easier to put my socks on and my belt is two sizes lower.

Attitue-Pretty good, I have a little craving for something bad every now and then but it's not overwhelming. No way I'm messing this up at day 24.

Skin-this is the only thing that is worse, my acne starting getting real bad about a week ago not sure if it's just my body trying to get bad stuff out of my body through my face or what but it's annoying.

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