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Eureka!! I have Mayo!!!

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After my failed mayo attempt :( I had to try again! Plus I was soooo hungry!

This time I followed the chipotle flavored mayo recipe and made a few changes.

I used lemon instead of lime (because that's what I had on hand), and I cut the olive oil back to 3/4 cup (don't like oily stuff!)

Instead of dividing the oil as the basic mayo recommends, I put my oil in last as the Chipotle recipe recommends.

And I drizzled that puppy (oil) to a snails crawl! or between and drip and a tiny stream! (like you would when you leave your faucets dripping during a hard freeze in the winter! Like that kinda slow!!) 

And Eureka!!!, after a mayo shower (from my blender), it emulsified, and...I got mayo!!! Whoohoo!! And it was soo stinkin yummy I could eat it with a spoon! I did actually ;) a couple spoonfuls!

Then I made me some Tuna salad!!! LOLOL!!! I'm one happy camper!!

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