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What to bring for doing Womens March on Washington?


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Pouches of tuna or salmon. Baggies with olives. Vegetables like carrots or celery sticks, strips of bell pepper, cherry tomatoes. Leftover roasted potatoes or sweet potato chunks.

If you have an insulated lunch box, you could really take just about anything you want, but even without it, grilled chicken or meatballs that start off cold from being refrigerated could still be okay for a few hours. 

If it's going to be cold, a thermos of blended soup could be good.

Rxbars are slightly better than Lara bars since they have some protein, but even better might be jerky or epic bars which would have more protein and less fruit. Remember to read labels, not all epic bars are compliant, and I hear that compliant jerky can be hard to find.

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