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Another Success Story.


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My W30 Success Story


I've essentially been in a funk since my son (now 6 months old) was born. I don't know what it was about pregnancy, but it really messed up my system. I started thinking I needed a reset. Something to get me feeling better and back on track. I was also wondering if I had developed a food sensitivity post-pregnancy (apparently this is common). I saw a friend doing the Whole 30 (www.twelve-in-twelve.com) and was intrigued. So I picked up ISWF, did some website research and decided it was worth giving it a shot – even though I'm not usually supportive of diets that cut out whole food groups – mostly because those diets are usually fad diets. Luckily, the W30 is NOT a fad diet. Anyway – here we go:

Here's the list I made right before I started the W30:

  • Breastfeeding my 5 month old
  • Exhausted (not all from sleep deprivation)
  • Dry, itchy cracked/bleeding hands that I haven't been able to shake for 5 months. Not normal for summer – even for me!
  • Breakouts (not normal for me)
  • Joint pain – not recovered from pregnancy/birth yet?
  • Heartburn
  • RAVENOUS hunger
  • Sugar addiction?
  • Icky, lifeless hair (vain? Maybe. But it affects how I feel about myself.)


  • Eczema-like rash on my hands is better (if not completely gone).
  • My skin might be more glowing… I can't decide. It's definitely clearer.
  • 13lbs, gone. There probably would have been more if I weren't supporting a 6-month old who drinks almost exclusively breastmilk (he has recently started solids, however) and I'm not one of those people who effortlessly drops weight while breastfeeding.
  • I'm not so ridiculously hungry all the time. I used to get SO frustrated about my hunger and get shaky and uncomfortable. I thought it was the breastfeeding. Apparently not.
  • My pre-pregnancy clothes are fitting again – which is nice! I feel much better about my body, and am less bloated and more comfortable on a daily basis.
  • More energy. Also, interestingly, both myself AND my little guy are sleeping better (still not enough, but with a little one you can only do so much about that).
  • I used to park closer to work (in a more expensive ramp) because I was just SO tired I couldn't imagine walking the 5 blocks from the cheaper lot. Now I've started parking in the cheap lot regularly and really miss my walk when I'm in a hurry and have to park in the close lot.
  • No sugar addiction. Luckily, my sugar dragon is pretty wimpy so I only really had a headache the first day and that was the extent of my withdrawals.
  • My joint pain is better, and my back is not such a mess. Less stress maybe?

My takeaways:

  • I've learned a new style of eating, that I think is serving me well. I've gone from packing all kinds of food for snacks and lunch (I would stuff my little lunch cooler FULL and still have problems with hunger) to just having my lunch and maybe a piece of fruit, and I'm not starving! I plan to continue planning my meals in a similar, if less restrictive, manner.
  • I can eat an entire avocado (my favorite food. Ever.) in one day and still lose weight – who knew?
  • Coconut milk in coffee is good! It's actually better than milk in Chai tea!
  • Soda is…meh. I prefer sparkling water. I wish I could have a Sodastream at work. I would be a happy girl!

I haven't done my reintroduction yet. I'm going to try dairy tomorrow and see if it makes the rash on my hands flare up. If it does, I'll have to take some time to evaluate what is worth it and how often.

I plan to continue with this style of eating for the most part, but much less restrictively (not the Whole365, right? Sometimes I'd like to enjoy a glass of red wine with dinner – not every night of course!) I'll reintroduce everything and evaluate it so I know how everything affects me, because I think that will be really essential to my food decisions.

I'm still struggling with getting workouts in. I have a long commute, and with the baby it's tough – I'm about ready to faceplant into my bed by the time he goes to sleep at 7:30. So that's still a work in progress.

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