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Pre-Whole 30 Log


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I'm doing a pre-Whole 30 until I have enough time to shop and plan to do it based on the rules.  I figured I can make all of the mistakes I need now and then do it for real.

I'm 33, male, and take 40 mg of Fetzima for depression, 100 mg of Modafinil for energy (it's a stimulant) and have acid reflux issues that flare up every now and then.  When it happens I take some Nexium for 2 weeks and I'm okay.

Here's what I've been doing and eating:

Monday 1/23:

I mixed a dozen eggs with peppers, ham, onions, garlic, salt, and pepper, and spinach and cooked it in the oven in a pan coated with olive oil.  I have been eating this each day for breakfast.  I think the ham is the only ingredient I shouldn't have included.

For lunch and dinner I took the rest of the vegetables listed above and cooked them in a pot with some 85% lean ground beef, which I drained using a strainer to get rid of the fat, and ate that.

Throughout the day I drank either water or hot tea.

Tuesday 1/24:

For breakfast I ate the egg and veggie mix and for lunch I went to Dos Toros and at a steak salad with guacamole, peppers, onions, and tomatoes because I ran out of the beef mix already.

For dinner I will probably cook some more meat with the left over vegetables.

I also drank several cups of tea during the day.

Some notes:

-I'm hungry a lot so I guess I need to add more food to each meal

-I really wanted to eat candy today but resisted the urge to do so

-I definitely need to cook more because what I made only lasted a day

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Tuesday 1/24:

On the way home from work I bought 2 steaks, a pound of ground turkey, a pound of ground beef, and 4-5 avocados.

For dinner I mixed the beef with some vegetables and at a little bit.  I was still really hungry so I went back and ended up eating everything I made.

I guess the moral of the story is to buy a LOT more food.

Wednesday 1/25:

Meal 1: I ate my egg mix and a banana

Meal 2: Ground turkey mixed with vegetables

I'm having a lot of cravings for candy, hot chocolate, and cake, but I'm fighting them.  I'm still drinking lots of tea during the day.  I checked the label and it doesn't list any processed ingredients.

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