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Already Lactose Intolerant before Whole 30


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Hey,  I am approaching the start of my reintroduction period.  I was severely lactose intolerant before I started the Whole 30.  Does it make more sense to just skip that part of the reintroduction period or test it with something small to see if my body could handle it again.  I am just curious if anyone else has done this program with pre-existing intolerance, but have been fine afterwards.  Thanks!

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Hi! I actually had a lactose intolerance for....20 years. I went through my first whole 30 in Feb of 2016, and did my reintro as perfectly and meticulously as I could manage, so I could really isolate things that could be causing health and digestive issues. 

Interestingly enough, my dairy reintro caused me absolutely zero symptoms, and I even waited the prescribed two days and ate w30 in between, just in case.  Grains- corn, rice and gluten based (worst to least impact in order) were actually so much worse for me. 

Fast forward to November and December of 2016, after some life altering events, and a slow but significant abandon of staying away from foods that were problematic, and I started feeling as tho dairy was a problem again.

What I have realized- and will know more certainly when I finish this w30 (day 27) and reintro very carefully again, is that dairy on its own seems to be ok, in moderation... but coupled with those other foods I have identified as inflammatory for me, my body can't handle the "weight" or "load" of all of it together. 

I don't know how significant your symptoms are, and won't say one way or the other what you should do, but I really wanted to try each group to really narrow things down, and was very surprised. 

Good luck!! 

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