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Finished 1st Whole 30

Ann G

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Just finished the January 2017 Whole 30 challenge victoriously. I turned 70 years old in December, and on my bucket list is the desire to do my first triathlon with my daughter in August 2017. That meant learning to swim, since I never had lessons as a young person. So I took six private swim lessons last fall, and the swim practice is going well. Next, I wanted to tackle getting off sugar and losing the nearly 20lbs. that have crept on over the past several years (yet again). So, my older daughter, who has now done four Whole 30 rounds suggested that she and her sister and I step up for the January challenge. The first week was a bit difficult for me with searching for and preparing compliant foods, but after that it was much easier. I feel so good being off sugar and free of the cravings for junk food. Other than eating more nuts that I really needed several times during the 30 days, I have been totally compliant. It made me feel so great that I am continuing on through February, hoping to also shed a few more pounds so the triathlon suit fits better.

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