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  1. Nira81

    Food Freedom Reset 4/23/18

    We have a group! @AmyRosina Oh the maniac tendencies, they get me every time, haha. Trying to change that. @CherylA yes to that mindset. @MissEmilyRae glad you started this Andy @britgirl you are so prepared, I’m inspired. My books are out too. Whats cooking today? We’re grilling chicken (him) and blistering green beans and cherry tomatoes in the big skillet (me). Bread for the kids. I’m a little hangry. Day 1 is easy it’s Night 1 that will be interesting. I have to change a few habits.
  2. Nira81

    Food Freedom Reset 4/23/18

    Hi there! I’d like to join you! My first W30 was two years ago and I’ve been aiming for 80/20 paleo lately. But I woke up this morning feeling bloated and thinking “I can feel better than this.” I follow the Whole30 template much of the time but really like flexible eating to help my binge eating tendencies. Less restriction works for me. But last week was I noticed that cravings for sugar and wheat have a hold on me again. That’s not freedom. I want my food to make me feel GOOD again. I want the tiger blood! I also need a lot of support. I am alone at home in my desire to eat this way. I can tell you stories... Side note: I bought the Whole30 Fast and Easy cookbook recently after falling in love with it at the library and I’d highly recommend it. It inspired me to try this again. Well I hope everyone’s day is off to a good start Cheers! Nicole
  3. Nira81

    legumes and insomnia

    I introduced peanut butter yesterday and was up at 4:30 this morning. No fun. Is it a legume thing? I'd say maybe!