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Whole 30 changed my life 3+ years ago.  It was a great new direction for me well into 9 months after the 30 days were over.  With the 20-lb weight loss, I had a spring in my step and a new smile on my face for such a long time.  I wanted that feeling to go on forever and tried to figure out how I could share with others.  I was euphoric.  

As I look back, I believe I know what derailed me.  

First was an effort I made to ramp it up at the health club, but actually got slowed down instead by my own fear of a recommended cortisol test.  I've never done well on those and I have a healthy (probably unhealthy, actually) fear that they won't work out, which has become my personal truth now because they never have shown improvement even after a lot of effort.  

Secondly, I never really established or wrote down my personal food plan.  I thought I could manage it.  I just experimented with some things and the experiments became too many too often.  

Third thing is personal life changing events first with 6 grandchildren born in less than 3 years which has brought 6 new little potentials for busyness and "reasons" to put off my own goals. As significant also was the illness and death of my dad which included me derailing on so many fronts--mostly more giving into myself, indulging easy food, indulging one more glass of wine, and getting off track at the health club. I was no longer putting myself and my health goals first.  I'm doing a very bad impression of working out right now.

So, I'm starting again with Whole 30--beginning Thursday, Feb 9. This is a bit of a misnomer, though, because I have continued since my first W 30 in a new pattern of eating and have kept a lot of it in place.  I'm realizing, just not enough of it.  My goal now is to complete the 30 days and come up with a new plan for the rest of my life.  I'm also joining the 60-day challenge at the health club which also starts Feb 9.  I've cleared my life and calendar to take care of myself and hold to my plan.  

That's it for now.  I'm on my way.  Can't look back anymore.  Only forward.


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Okay...so full disclosure...I started two days late.  So, I'm only on Day 3.  Last two days went well.  I weighed in at the health club for the 60-day Challenge (which also started on my W30 Day 1).  I'm tackling the 60-day from a number of directions.  What I'm concentrating on for that challenge is loss of body fat.  It was VERY disappointing to see my body fat yesterday.  39.3%.  I am overwhelmed by that. But, it certainly puts this plan into perspective.  I've decided to ramp it up on all fronts.

My first hurdle was Saturday night when we went to our niece's housewarming and there was nothing I could eat at all.  Lots of sweet carbs and chips and dip.  Wine and beer were served, but I had water.  I really wanted a glass of wine, but made it through without it. Toward the end there was chicken for sandwiches so I had some of that.  It all just reminded me of my challenge always to figure out what to do during social events when I'm not in charge of the food.  Do people bring their own food in these circumstances?  Hmmm...not sure.  It's hard to be different.

Im a little behind in my log, but will start now.

Day 1:  Sleep not good.  Food compliant, had my weigh in for the 60-day challenge in the morning.  Weighed 160 with 39% fat.  Argh!! The fat percentage really rocked me.  Mayo Clinic says it should be between 24-35%.  Very disheartening, but necessary information and affirmation that I'm doing the right thing.   Difficulty with my first social event away from home, but I was determined and made it through.  No real workout this day, but I had done a weight workout with trainer the day before.  Declined an invite from son's family to go out after the housewarming.  Normally, we would go.  Especially after the sweet invite from 3-year old granddaughter.  But I knew I couldn't do it so early in the W30.  

Day 2:. Sleep good.  Food compliant.  Worked out with Steve (husband) using super sets from trainer Alex who we started working with on Friday.  Sauna for 15 minutes.  Later in the day, I went for a 1-mile walk around the neighborhood. Sleep good

Day 3:. Sleep good.  Good day.  Food was compliant.  Went to kickboxing for 45-minutes.  When I checked my heart rate a couple times in the class it had gone to the high end of my range a couple times and also in the mid-range. I was happy to know heart rate is appropriate.   Sauna for 18 minutes.  Blood sugar before dinner was 78.  I was happy with that.  I'm not a diabetic, but have been monitoring the BS for awhile as weightless tool. Walked a mile before dinner.  

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Thinking about my full court press on my health. 

Less TV  Difficult during this crazy political time.   Only a little in AM and again later in the day.  Really tough and I find myself checking the news on my phone during the day.  Baby steps, but I need to continue to address this.

Read more.  Read during day to avoid TV.  Have 3 books right now.  Rejoining book club and joining a book study at church.  

Eat compliant with W30Started that a couple days ago.  Been thinking about it, though, since just after Christmas when my nephews wife said she was starting Jan 8.  My sister (long history of weight issues since childhood and then gastric bypass ten years ago) was also planning her second W30 on Jan. 8.  Thought so much about it then and about also starting in Jan.  But I had so many reasons/excuses not to including my birthday month and the things in my life that would make it difficult.    As this is second time (actually 3rd time since I read through my posts and had forgot I actually started a 2nd W30 a little less than year ago and stopped within a couple days) I am very aware of eating.  However, now entering 4th day, I am realizing how far off track I had gotten.  It is making me ponder things.  I lost 9.5 pounds during first 30 days.   I held the eating together for quite awhile, adding back red wine and cream in my coffee right away.  But still I lost another 10 pounds in the subsequent 6 months.  Now after a couple days I'm realizing how many Bad things crept back in after the first 6-8 months.

Workout with trainer once/week on weight training.  Steve and I for Christmas gift to each other, decided to work out together with a trainer, once/wk for 4 weeks on weight training for seniors.  We have both been doing a good impersonation of people who do weight training and we decided we wanted to get serious.  We started that last Friday.

60-day challenge at Lifetime fitness.  It coincided with my decision to work with trainer and Whole 30 and I just decided I was going to do it along with the team weight loss component 2 days/wk.  I start team tomorrow.

Sit less    Goes along with less TV.  And, I am planning to walk or workout at the end of every afternoon.  Beautiful in MN right now, roads are dry and walkable, and I believe the time is right as we head into spring and summer.

Hoped for outcomes in next couple months:  Loss of 3% body fat during 30-60 days.  And loss of 12 pounds during same time period.  

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Day 4 was good and not good.  I'm starting to feel leaner and maybe a little less foggy. That's something I remember from W30#1 was feeling leaner and more energetic right away. But, I've been eating low carb for years so that wasn't new to me.  Another cool thing on Monday was when I took my blood sugar just before lunch and it was 78.  That was encouraging!! 

Recapping the significant changes so I can remember them:   No cream in coffee, No red wine in evening, No snacking, No yogurt (have had whole fat unsweetened yogurt on gluten free oatmeal occasionally in the morning or just the yogurt with fruit and nuts), absolutely No grains or gluten of any sort. Drinking way more filtered water.  I wish I could know for sure which of the items I've eliminated are responsible for me feeling energetic and ready to take on the day.  I'm thinking its a combination and don't want to gloss over the no alcohol.  4 days into that, it's easier now than it was on Day 1, and I'm pondering that.  My food sensitivity test did not indicate a problem with dairy, but I'm really wondering about that, too.  No gluten is another significant factor and that WAS on my food sensitivity test.  Most of the time, I've been avoiding bread, chips, desserts/sweets, and typically don't eat mixes--mostly eat paleo whole foods grass fed with good oils.

My day was  as follows:

Filtered water first thing, 3 eggs for breakfast in coconut oil, and coffee with coconut oil

Lunch was a veg protein drink with greens in the middle of a busy volunteering day and subsequent metabolic test at health club that required fasting and included 25 min of many levels of treadmill cardio.  

After the test, I had a snack of almonds, a bit of meat, and cucumber because I was starving.  But this was not a normal day because of that test and I should be good from here on.

Supper was grilled grassfed London broil on a bed of greens with olive oil and dressing I make with my homemade olive oil mayo.

So...this wasn't a normal day AND, unfortunately, I couldn't get to sleep when I went to bed at 10:50.  I'm quite sure I wasn't sleeping until around 1:30 and then it was fitful.  I believe I didn't have enough starchy carbs yesterday and will be aware of that going forward.




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Day 5: Didn't sleep well at all night before  But I didn't have any starchy carbs day before and think I need to add a sweet potato.

Breakfast was 1/4 grapefruit, 3 eggs in coconut oil, coffee with coconut oil.

10 a.m. First team workout.  It started with 10-12 min of low level cardio as warmup and then 30 minutes of core exercises including plank, push ups, squats, lunges, etc.. 5 in the class.  20-minute sauna after class.

Greens for lunch with olive oil, salmon, pecans, ground flaxseed, and my own EVOO mayo salad drsg.  

Planning a walk around the neighborhood at 4ish.  Turkey soup and sweet potato planned for supper. 

Tonight we watch who granddaughters at swimming lessons and then they come overnight so Mom and Dad can go out for VDay and BDay.  

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Day 6 is going well so far.  Not a good sleep night, unfortunately, with a 5-year old in bed with us around 2 a.m.  They went to bed so good at 9, but when they whine in the night that they need GMa, then my heart softens and we change our course.  This little one is such a good sleeper, so it was unexpected.  Dolly #2 then had GPa in bed with her by 3 a.m.  Not the normal with these two, but we made it through and they are well into their school and preschool days at this point.

Breakfast of 3 eggs and coffee was quick in between breakfast for our girlies and then getting ready for school.  I have been leaving vegetables out of my breakfasts.  I need to get back into that.  I did that pretty well first time around.  

Girls to school and then I went off to a 10 a.m. workout at the health club.  The hardest workout I've had in years.  

Now to lunch:. Loved my lunch.  Last time around I hadn't tried the master skillet recipes.  Today I had the beef and broccoli warmed up over a bed of kale and spinach greens with avocado and salsa.  I will definitely do that again.  That was right after my workout and I'm hoping it fed my muscle repair sufficiently.  

On my way to an afternoon of cards at the community center.  Love that part of being retired.

Dinner tonight will be grassfed roast beef, roasted vegetables, and salad.

And, tonight I need to get a good night's sleep. Two nights in a row were 3-5 hours at most.  I do believe my sleep deficit plays a big part in the tire around my middle.  

Even without sleep and only 2/3 of the way through the day, I'm feeling upbeat and excited about W30 #2. And, as I go, I'm also assessing and synthesizing what went wrong post whole 30 last time. This whole 30 is very important to me.  But, the post W30 is really more important. 

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Day 7 was a great one.  63 degrees in Mpls/St. Paul on February 17. Almost unheard of.  

Unfortunately sleep is still a problem.  Got to sleep last night around 11 and was good until about 2:30 but then it was fitful until 6 a.m.  Finally decided to get up since we had to eat breakfast and be ready for a meeting with trainer at 9 a.m.  Just really hoping for a good night tonight.  

Breakfast of asparagus and onions in 3 scrambled eggs and coffee with coconut oil.

Training apt went well.  Worked on more core stuff and then a 20 minute sauna.  

Met our son for lunch at his work to celebrate his bday.  We hadn't seen his new digs and he's been there almost a year.   Great healthy cafe right at work so we had lunch and he showed us around.  It was great to be there with him. I had the salad bar with awesome greens, cucumbers, chopped chicken and oil and vinegar.

Went for a 2 mile walk around Lake of the Isles--63 amazing sunny degrees.  It was excellent.  We both got worn out, but came home and played cribbage on the deck.  Steve had a beer.  I would have loved to have had a glass of red wine, but I didn't.  It was okay.  I had some infused water instead.  

Spaghetti sauce with grassfed beef and compliant sauce over shredded cooked cabbage with olive oil.  That's our substitute for pasta.  I would normally have a glass of red wine with that, too, but I'm realizing I didn't even think about it.  

I'm so tired, but it's only 7:15 on Friday night.  I'm going to force myself to stay up until 10ish if I can.  Gotta get sleep tonight. Tomorrow is a big day.

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Day 8 and 9 are now before me.  It is a test weekend for me.  We will leave here in about 45 min for grandson bday party and then travel on a couple more hours to my husband's mom's house (91 years and going strong) for an overnight with her.  We won't bring the iPad so I'm going to write what I expect will be the case and we will see how it really goes when I get back.

Foodwise, I'm making a salad to eat in the car on the way to the bday party, because I don't anticipate there will be anything at the party that I can eat.  Once we get to our next destination, we are taking GMa out to a supper club in the area.  It won't be grassfed or well sourced meat, but I will be as compliant as I can with salad and vegs and some kind of meat. I think the menu had some wild fish, so I think that's what I will do.  Interestingly his mom will wonder why I'm not having a beer/wine and won't be in a position to really understand the answer.  Going to Jean's house is always very difficult for me because she cooks like she did for her five children in the 60s.  Everything breaded etc. and always a frozen pie for dessert. Thankfully, we are going out for dinner.  Breakfast will be the tough one.  There's always a glass of OJ waiting for me when I get up and I have to say I'm not having it. Or, I trow it out when she's not watching.  Sometimes I take a sip and give the rest fo Steve, but he's already had a glass and shouldn't have more. Love her dearly and don't want to offend her, but I'm always dancing this dance when we go there even when not on Whole 30.  

Gotta run and start the journey.  No exercise until we get back tomorrow afternoon.  Unless I work in some planks or other stuff I can do without equipment.

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Back home again.  It went okay.  Here is what I ate over two days:

Day 8:. Bfast-- 3 eggs and coffee with coconut oil; Lunch-- Salad with kale, spinach, and my normal greens, EVOO and vinegar., plus a couple bites of the chicken I picked out of some soup at the party.  Otherwise there wasn't anything else I could eat.  Dinner at restaurant-- broiled wild Alaskan pollock, broccoli, carrots and cauliflower, salad with olive oil, and sparkling water with lime.

We came home from dinner club and played some cards.  I went to bed around 9:30.  It was a hard bed and not dark because of a lot of street light.  I did get to sleep right away, but woke up a couple hours later and was awake for several hours until I got back to sleep around 3 or 4.  So not a good sleep night again.

Day 9: that's today.  First of all, I'm on day 9 of W30 #2.  I can't believe it.  Almost 1/3 of the way.  It has really gone well.  In general, the things I miss most are the flexibility to choose what I want to eat or drink.  I am very comfortable with 95% of the whole 30 and it Is especially easy when I'm at home.  Mostly I miss the idea of happy hour with a glass of wine and cheese.  I also miss cream in my coffee.  It makes me eager to get back into life, but very aware that at least 30 days are necessary.  The feeling of wanting to break out and do what I want is always present which convinces me I have to keep going.  I need to figure out what has to stay in place and what is negotiable.  I'm forming a list of what I want to include and  what I believe I cannot include.  It will be interesting where this lands in Day 31.

So...today I had a cutie and 3 eggs and bacon for breakfast and black coffee. And, a big digression, was a small piece of toast.  My mother inlaw had bought a special artisan bread at a special store just for our visit so we could have toast.  I made the decision to have a small piece with butter.  A break from the rules.  But, it just wouldn't have worked to say no thank you.  I said no to the juice.  

Lunch was a chicken thigh she made from scratch with crumbled cornflakes which I scraped off best I could.  We also had fresh squash, frozen green beans and a tiny spot of coleslaw which I tried to scrape off the sweet drsg.  I didn't have the box scalloped potatoes or the pecan pie from the freezer.  

Went on a great one mile walk when we got home.  

Supper has been almost non existent in its normal form.  We had a fire in the fireplace after the walk. I had a few pieces of meat, a handful of almonds, and a small bowl of turkey soup.  Not a great supper, but I'm just too tired to cook a whole meal tonight.  I'm hoping for an awesome night sleep to start Day 10 and a new week.


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 Sleep last night wasn't perfect, but better.  Went to bed at 9:30. Sleeping almost right away, but awake around 2.  I think the non supper caught up with me.  My stomach was growling so I went downstairs for a handful of almonds. Got back to bed and I think I was sleeping again by 3:30ish and didn't wake up until 7:30. 

Day 10:. A great day.  Steve was home today. And we made our flight reservations for a trip to Portland in early April. Just a little vacation with Steve's sister and husband. We've never been there but our traveling companions have and have a free lodging option for us.

Bfast:. Strawberries and pineapple.  3 eggs, coffee with coconut oil.

Lunch:. Greens, red pepper, and avocado with canned red salmon.  Roasted walnut oil and vinegar.  Topped with pecans and ground flaxseed.

Supper:. Roasted chicken breast in olive oil with asparagus and onion and baked sweet potato.

I think it will be another fairly early night tonight.  Hopefully I have gotten enough good fat and starchy carb to do the job.



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Sleep last night was awesome!  Went to bed at  9:30.  I think I may have gotten up once to use bathroom, but honestly can't even remember.  That means I went right back to sleep.  Got up at 6:30 a.m.  

Day 11:  Great day.  Biggest thing today is that I got to go sit with a friend while her husband had cancer surgery.  I was at the hospital for three hours.  I brought lunch for the two of us and we had a nice visit while she was waiting.  Good news was the docs got all of it and no further treatment is necessary.

Bfast:. 3 eggs and coffee with coconut oil,

Lunch:. Garden salad (unfortunately mostly iceberg lettuce) with grilled chicken from Culvers and my own salad dressing.

Supper:  A cutie orange and then kale and spinach salad with grilled steak, red pepper, cauliflower, and avocado with a handful of pecans.  My homemade salad dressing. 

Heading out soon for a seminar at the health club on putting together a weight lifting plan.

I am hoping for another great sleeping night.  I hope I had enough starchy carbs.  I believe that makes a difference.

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So...not a perfect night, but not the worst either.  I went to bed at 9:30, but I wasn't sleeping until after 11.  Good news was when I got up to go to the bathroom, I did go back to sleep (not sure of time because I don't look at the clock if I have to get up) and did not wake up until the alarm went off at 5:30.  I take magnesium and 5 HTP about two hours before bed.  I have been very strict on W30#2 just like last time.  I am concerned I may at times be ketogenic.  And, with the exception of how it may affect my sleep, I am okay with this.  Anybody have any thoughts for me on my starchy carb theory that you need a certain amount of it to make serotonin and that too little will negatively affect your sleep?  I'm rolling along on Day 12 without issue related to eating.  The eating part works for me most of the time, except when I feel compelled to eat what someone else has cooked. And, my resolve is there for the most part (sometimes I wish I was sitting in our living room by the fire with a glass of wine and I really miss cream in my coffee), but so far I am determined to stay clean on the food. I have a lot of gratitude about how doable it feels, especially when I read other's posts.  I just need to sleep consistently and really feel if I could get that figured out It will begin to reduce my fat tire around the middle. 

Day 12:  breakfast of 3 eggs with a handful of chopped kale and spinach. Coffee with coconut oil.

Today is a big day.  I need to get going on my supper which is going to be beef and vegetable stew. Then I'm going for a workout with my team at lifetime at 10, sauna after.  After shower I will be home for my normal lunch salad and then out the door to serve communion to a 90 year old lady 30 minutes away.  On my way home from that I am meeting Steve at Lifetime to go through our weight workout before getting home to finish cooking supper.  Tomorrow we leave for a 3-night at the lake so I can visit my mom and do some business there related to her on Friday and a meeting on Saturday related to the homeowners association we are part of there.  I'm starting to gather things and think about what my eating and exercising can be when I am away from home and away from the health club.  Another test.

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First I have to say I wore myself out yesterday with two workouts.  The morning workout was almost a nightmare with cardio and weight lifting that felt like cardio.  Lunch was a little different with a bed of greens, cooked cabbage on top of that, and spgshetti meat sauce on top of that.  It was pretty good.  I miss the Parmesan cheese I would normally out on top of that, but I survived.  Weightlifting later in the day was slow and steady and felt more manageable.  The stew tasted so good for supper, but I couldn't stay awake after that.  Went to bed at 8:30 and that was the end of it.  I woke up when Steve came to bed a couple hours later but I must have gone right back to sleep.  Woke up again at 4:30, but back to sleep until after 6.  It was such a blessing.  

Day 13:. A great and busy day.  I'm still working on drinking water before my coffee and breakfast.  And, I'm still struggling with adding veggies to breakfast and not just throwing down 3 eggs and coffee with coconut oil.  Eggs and coffee are so easy.  Breakfast just doesn't seem like veggies.  Tomorrow I'm going to add some shredded potatoes and greens to scrambled eggs. Potatoes may help with my starchy carbs situation.

My workout was another hard one.  Started with interval cardio and then moved to aerobic weight lifting again. My heart rate is always up there with the way this instructor has us moving so quickly between different routines.  It may be what is recommended.  I'm just not used to it and it rocks my base a bit.

Lunch: green salad with chicken, cucumber, sunflower nuts, olive oil, Vinegar and ground flaxseeds.  

Left for Alexandria for a weekend visit with Mom. Ended up eating out with my brother and his wife tonight.  First time I've been with them and not shared a bottle of wine or two with dinner.  It really wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. I had sparkling water with lime.  But, I do find myself looking forward to having wine again.  Not sure that is a good thing.  I had prime rib and mixed veggies.  We also tried a grilled tuna with avocado and onion.  It was awesome.  I hope I had enough starchy carbs today, though.  I broke my no snacking rule and had a handful of almonds a couple hours after dinner to add a bit of starch.  I need to plan better.

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Sleeping was not great initially.  I stayed up with Steve to enjoy some late night TV but started to crash around 11:15. I say "enjoy" because I don't really care to do that.  I could go to bed every night at 9 or 9:30 and not look back.  But Steve likes to stay up and feel retired by watching the 10 pm news and Fallon so I want to do that with him occasionally.  I dragged myself up to bed and went to sleep almost right away, only to wake up within 15 minutes.  I was then wide awake for two hours.   Finally got to sleep sometime after 1:30 and did pretty well until 6:30.  I knew I should get up then, but fell back to sleep until 7:15.  I had a 9 a.m. meeting with the care center about my mom so there was not a lot of time to wake up, relax, eat, and get ready.  No time for anything other than quick eggs again.  No veggies again.  I need to figure out a make ahead egg and veggie dish.  It's so easy to just make fried eggs.  It's not a "live to eat" situation.  Just "get 'er done" situation.  So...........tomorrow is going to be like Jen did, eggs, spinach (great idea/addition) bacon and shredded potatoes.  Mark my word.

After my 9 a.m. meeting, I had a 10 a.m. meeting about finances and then brought Mom back to have lunch with us.  We had a great day.  With dementia, she can get confused, but not so much today.  She seemed to enjoy getting away from the care center environment,  We had stew like we had the other night.  I bought Steve and Mom some good bread to go with it.  I chopped some greens and put that in my bowl with the stew on top.  I wasn't sure if the greens would wilt up enough, but it worked well.  We made some coffee a little later.  

After taking Mom back to care center, we did some shopping and got home in time to have a friend come over for a visit around 5:45.  I didn't think about dinner timing so much initially, but then Jim stayed  way past 7:30.  I was starving.  We had leftover chicken and squash and it was good, just too late (8:20).  

Another night ahead hoping for a good sleep.  I did have more starchy carbs today and maybe not enough greens.  No exercise at all except running around a bit.  We will see where that goes.  I need to at least get out for a good walk tomorrow.

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Sleeping was pretty good.  I think I do need least at a small amount of potatoes or other starchy carb to improve the hormones that help sleep.  I think it's melatonin or serotonin.  I went to bed at around 10:45 don't remember too much about the night after that.  I got up at 7:30ish.  

Day 15:  

Breakfast: scrambled eggs with bacon, shredded potatoes, green and red pepper.  I forgot the onion.  But the eggs were great.  Coffee with coconut oil.  I do still really miss cream in my coffee.  I'm thinking during reintro, the only things I will add back are a small variety of full fat dairy (whole grassfed cream for coffee, hard cheese for salad, and full fat yogurt), red wine, and beer.

Lunch: the end of the stew plus fresh broccoli.

Dinner:  kale and spinach salad with fresh cauliflower and cooked broccoli and my homemade dressing.  

Looking for a great sleeping night.  Tomorrow is an early morning for us since we will pack up to leave Alexandria for the weekend, head over to get Mom to go to church, have a meal together at a local restaurant, take her back to her care center, and then two hours to home.  A couple stops along the way.  One with daughter and another the friend who had the surgery earlier this week. Should be home around 4-5 p.m.

Most importantly--I'm halfway.  Woohoo!!


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I've gotten a little behind on my writing, but I have done a lot of mental work in the last 36 hours.  I am reexamining and have decided to suspend my Whole 30 #2.  With the exception of not weighing myself until March 14, I am going to move into the next phase and determine my sweet spot for food/life freedom.  To do that I will combine what I know about my own food sensitivities and what I learned in my first W30 and after these two weeks.  I am also including what Uve been learning about fitness though my health club.  I'm going to start examining things as follows:


A. my baseline food choices going forward

B. things that are possible to add back going forward, and

C. things that are not negotiable--NEVER eat!

From the Whole30, here is what I'm sticking with for another 2weeks and probably for life:

  1. no white carb items (pretty easy except for pizza when family gathers)
  2. no sugar or dessert (easy for me)
  3. no milk, cottage cheese, ice cream (easy for me)
  4. vegetables are 3/4 of my plate
  5. healthy fats
  6. well sourced food (organic, grass fed, etc.)

From my food sensitivity test in 2012:

  1. Absolutely No mushrooms and No shrimp and No gluten no tuna
  2. More turkey than chicken 
  3. Minimal almond walnut, cashew, tomato

Add back:


Life Activities

  1. Drink a gallon water/day
  2. Continue to work on sleep
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So, I didn't get my plan on before I must have inadvertently pressed submit.  But, that's okay.  I'm going to move to post Whole 30 and go forward.  I'm ready to use what I've learned and go forward with food and life freedom.  I feel,so empowered and need to seize the day.  

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