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Attempting to start today - proposed diet skeleton


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Just started reading into this and wanted to know if I was on the right track. 28 y.o. male I workout at least once most days and it consists of anything from Xfit to strength training to running. Currently I typically don't eat before I workout and I have a giant fruit smoothie with whey protein as breakfast. Wanted to see if I was on the right track. Any feedback is welcomed.



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Hey there!

Well done on the great planning!


A couple things... 

Why aren't you using the whole egg in the casserole?  We champion eating whole foods here and the egg is both its parts!

Where is the fat in your main meals?

Don't plan on a snack... if you're making your meals large enough to go 4-5 hours between, you shouldn't need to snack.  SHOULD you need to while you figure out the meal size and your own hunger and full signals, we recommend a mini meal of protein, fat and ideally veg.  Fruit, dried fruit, nuts and nut products are not an ideal choice for a 'snack'.

Also, we recommend that nuts are limited (think a closed handful every other day at most) so maybe try finding alternate fats for your pre work out?  Egg and mayo is a match made in heaven!

Fruit is recommended as up to (including zero) two fist sized servings a day eaten with meals... don't let that fruit push veggies off your plate!

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