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Day 5: a HUGE Revelation!


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Days 3 and 4 were smooth, I'm feeling more relaxed and not as anxious.

Today (Day 5, 2/17), I was getting ready for work, and I had a thought pop in my head:

I could go for some coffee!

Like, totally geeked out for it. But, then I thought about something:

Why did I actually want the coffee?

See, when I had coffee on Tuesday, it was just with a splash of coconut milk. Obviously not with any sugar, cream, crazy or flavoring. And it was just okay.

So I had a revelation: Pre-Whole30, I liked coffee not because of the caffeine boost, but because of the SUGAR boost!

Even not putting "sugar" in my coffee before, I'd add syrupy flavorings and lots of cream.

I also realized my headaches I'd get from not having coffee were actually from not having SUGAR first thing in the morning. I had coffee with coconut milk today, and in between those 3 days of no caffeine I had NO headache.

Man, that was huge for me to realize today. I feel like it's a major breakthrough for me because I have such an addiction with sugar, and I am learning so much about my relationship with food it's amazing.

So, if someone out there can relate, I hope I helped them out!

(PS - without sugar, I can really taste how the coffee is. And it's just okay lol. I want to finish up this coffee I have at home, but I might end up going with caffeinated tea post whole30. I feel it has so much flavor!)

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