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Whole45 complete!

Trina Jackson

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Whole45 complete! I have too many non scale victories to list all of them. The top ones are more energy, better mood, no more stomach issues, and no more headaches/migraines! These are all huge for me! I'd like to say the scale doesn't matter to me, but because my weight is affecting my health, it does. I made sure to list all of my nsv's before I stepped on. I also gave myself lots of positive self talk. So I'd like to think I would have been ok no matter what the scale said. I am happy to report, it said 20 lbs GONE! Now, on to the next phase. Reintroduction. It's not over. It's never really over, just next. After Reintroduction next will be working on food freedom, then next will be practicing food freedom. 

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