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Day 16 - Bloated and headache

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Where's the Tiger Blood?!!!

Woke up today on Day 16 feeling yuck. Mildly swollen eyes, very, very bloated and headache/migraine. Am I eating too much? 

Background: 45 y/o female, 5'2", 116 lbs on Day 0. Petite frame. Main goals of W30 are increased energy and improved athletic performance (so far have achieved neither). Crossfit three times weekly. Would be appreciated if I lost 2-4#, but not required, just don't want to gain! Pre W30, my main source of protein was dairy, granola cereal daily, some fruit, lots of Chai Tea Lattes and Kind or Kashi bars, salad with chicken about 5 nights weekly. Within the 2 weeks before starting W30, weaned off the Chai Lattes completely and practiced cooking some W30 dinners, but everything else stayed the same until Day 1. 

Here's a run-down of meals yesterday. 

M1 at 7:15a (also a pre-workout meal): 2 eggs cooked with about 1-2tsp clarified butter (none left in the pan, all in the eggs), 1/3 of the cauliflower mash, about 1/8 c avocado, coffee with 4 T coconut milk. (The Cauliflower mash is the recipe in The Whole 30 book, which includes 1 decent-sized head, 1/2 C coconut cream, 2 T clarified butter; portioned into 3 servings). The cauliflower seems fatty, but I wanted to be sure I had enough fat/fuel for my workout, so added the extra avocado. 

Crossfit workout 9:00

post-WO meal 10:45: mashed sweet potato (about fist-sized when raw), 3 egg whites. 

Noon: had Crio Bru for the first time. Yummmmy! The flavor was Ghana. Smooth and chocolatey just as described, didn't even need cream!

M2 1:30: Chicken salad, tomato and carrot salad with about 2 tsp vinaigrette, 1/4 C avocado.  (I make the chicken salad like this: about 22 oz chicken when raw, then cooked and shredded; about 1/3 C pecan pieces; 1 apple diced; roughly 3/4 C mayo, eyeballed, not measured; salt/pepper. Then divide up into 4 servings, so each serving is about 5.5 oz chicken and maybe 2-3 T mayo.)

4:00: another cup of Crio bru. (Often have an herbal tea at about this time instead)

M3 7:45p: 8oz chicken, about 3/4 C Roasted brusssel sprouts and butternut squash (The Whole 30 book recipe -- very good, will make again), sauteed potatoes (fist-sized when raw), and some olives. The chicken was http://meljoulwan.com/2009/06/09/the-best-chicken-you-will-ever-eat-ever/ (delish! I call it Mel-Joul chicken, and will make again), and now that I'm calculating my portion size, I think 8oz was way too much! I don't think I needed the potatoes, but I had a serving left that needed to be eaten before going bad. Regarding the olives, I have no idea how to measure these. They say one open handful, but I'm not inclined to scoop up a bunch of sloppy wet olives in my hand to measure, so I just eyeballed -- what do you guys do?

Finished M3 feeling very full. I knew it was too much food, but I still didn't expect to wake up feeling as terrible as I did.  I had the same M1 and post-wo snack this morning, and it's currently 2pm and I'm not even hungry for M2. Still soooo bloated. 

So here are my concerns/questions:

1) Am I eating too much fat? I've been making a concerted effort not to skimp on fat for a few reasons: A) I want to be sure I don't get hungry between meals, and it seems to be working. B) I don't want to loose too much weight (no chance of that in sight! I'm quite sure I haven't lost an ounce). C) I want to be fat-adapted.  D) I want to be sure I make it through my workouts.  I worry so much about feeling sustained between meals, but am I way over-doing it?!!

2) I'm confused about starchy veggies. I know I need them in order to have more energy, but do they count as a vegetable? Or are they a bonus in addition to the veggies? I've been treating them as a bonus. So I try to make sure I'm having the veggies, then add in the fist-sized starchy potato for some extra carbs. Is this over-doing it?!  

3) I'm confused about squash. Is it a starch or a vegetable? If I eat butternut squash as a vegetable, should I skip the added potato? 

4) the only other thing that was new yesterday was the Crio Bru. Could that have caused my digestive issues? 

Please help! I appreciate any advice!!  Thank you!

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