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Reintroduction symptoms


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Is there a tool/ cheat sheet with common symptoms from certain foods? Like a cliff notes from the books ;)

 Do some people have initial reactions to foods due to not having had them for so long, and then once they are a part of their normal diet do they dissappear?
I never had headaches pre whole30, but it seems peanuts and gluten brought them on on the days I reintroduced them. Could these be initial reactions only?

Does gluten make anyone else feel like you have a bit of a caffeine high, rapid heart beat and fuzzy head? I'm also tired. The tiredness hit today, the day after eating gluten, though the caffeine high feeling started yesterday and has continued on and off.

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No Cliff's Notes, because reintroduction is an experiment of 1 and will give you information about how the eliminated foods affect YOU. And the reason why you must allow at least two days of Whole30 eating after reintroducing a food is that your reaction may be delayed.

Don't discount your reactions to reintroduced food. Those reactions aren't likely to just going to disappear when you eat that food in quantity again, although if you again eat the SAD your reaction to them may seem muted because you are feeling less well overall.

If you read the reintroduction logs, you'll likely find that others have experienced almost any reaction you can name to a reintroduced food.

Track your reactions in a log. If you have doubts about a reintroduced food, remember that after all you other reintroductions are complete you can test them again. You can also (again after your other reintroductions are complete) go back to a category like legumes that you had a reaction to  and separate them out to see if peanuts affect you the same way as soy, etc.

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