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The whole fam damily started Sunday, March 12th


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Newbie, here - started my first Whole30 yesterday, March 12.  

I heard about this program 3 weeks ago from an 81 year old friend who started her first whole30 about 6 months ago.  I hadn't seen her in about that long, but was visiting her in the hospital as she recovered from a planned surgery to replace her aortic valve.  I walked in the room expecting to see a frail old lady...but instead I found an amazing woman who didn't look at all like she had had open heart surgery two days earlier.  She credits her speedy recovery in part to the Whole30.  Her story is long...but the short of it is she realized 6 months ago that her energy levels were in the dumps, she wasn't sleeping more than 4-5 hours a night, and the future didn't look very bright.  At the encouragement of her daughter, she went whole-hog into Whole30.  I couldn't believe the results.

So...even though I consider myself very healthy, and someone who generally makes very good food choices, I researched this some more and thought that it could be a great way for my slightly round-around-the-middle hubby to jump-start a healthier relationship with food.  And, well, maybe it would help me as well!

The whole family jumped on board yesterday - me, hubby, 13 yo son, and neice and nephew who are in their 20s.  Wish us luck!

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Hey GoMommaGo, what an amazing story. I should mention this to my mom who's also lined up for an op. 

Why don't you join us on the 'starting march 12th' thread as we have a lively group going and you have the same start date?

Good luck to you and the family   :D


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