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  1. NoMoreCrunchyCravings

    reheating sweet potatoes

    It's as a result of an amazing little chemical called polyphenol oxidase, and is totally normal. Your potatoes are turning brown for the same reason raw white potatoes turn brown/gray, and why apples turn brown. They're still fine to eat, just don't look as pretty. For more information, look here:
  2. NoMoreCrunchyCravings

    The crazy things people say

    clapping 1 by NoMore CrunchyCravings, on Flickr clapping 2 by NoMore CrunchyCravings, on Flickr
  3. NoMoreCrunchyCravings

    Gluten Free Humour

    This is a beautiful thread.
  4. NoMoreCrunchyCravings

    Whole30 with toddlers.

    I don't have children, but after you have decided what to do, if it includes limiting what your son will be eating, you need to be clear with the church care providers, the MOPS people, and at his play dates, etc. well in advance. If you just suddenly spring a dietary limitation on someone right when they're going to be caring for your child, they'll feel ill-prepared and stressed out, and possibly won't be able to follow your requests. However, if you give them quite a bit of time to prepare, or send along snacks for him and tell them (include a simple list, it's easier to be able to refer to!) what he's not to have, you should be good. If they don't listen to you, reinforce with them why you're making these changes - for his health! If they still don't comply, it's maybe time to change care providers/play date homes.
  5. NoMoreCrunchyCravings

    Air fryer

    Are they doing the Whole 30 along with you? If not, then go ahead and make them for the family! I agree with @kirkor though and I'd skip them for myself for the month.
  6. NoMoreCrunchyCravings

    The crazy things people say

    I've thankfully not encountered too many crazy comments from friends or family. The nuttiest things come from coworkers, but even those are mostly "How in the world can you eat that for breakfast?!" whilst making faces and pointing to my container of grilled fish or baked chicken or hamburgers or whatever sitting atop steamed veggies and roasted or sautéed root vegetables, and with mayo or olives on the side. I usually answer by spooning a giant mouthful right in with a smile. Mmmmmmm.
  7. NoMoreCrunchyCravings


    Susan, that sounds great. Would you mind posting the entire recipe along with your process? I'd love to try your pear and apple puree method. Thank you!
  8. NoMoreCrunchyCravings


    At first, I read this as having a SCOOBY, and I wondered why on earth anyone would want a Scooby coming out of their ears.
  9. NoMoreCrunchyCravings


    Gonna check my local Stop and Shop - I see that Nature's Promise brand and I'd sure like to spend less than GTs costs, if that's an option locally for my kombucha. Thanks for the tip, @shsparky!!!
  10. NoMoreCrunchyCravings

    You know someone is doing a Whole30 when...

    I have only two dozen and I'm feeling a little nervous... and that was *before* I realized we were going to be getting snow!
  11. NoMoreCrunchyCravings

    You know someone is doing a Whole30 when...

    When half the weight in your checked luggage is comprised of pop-top tins of tuna and olives, and your hand luggage is filled with dried fruits, nuts, and fried eggs and fish in baggies for the journey. When you shriek with joy at the hotel breakfast bar upon finding boiled beets, sliced cucumber and tomato, hard boiled eggs, and an assortment of cut up fruits every morning!
  12. NoMoreCrunchyCravings

    Kosher Whole30

    While I'm doing strict w30 I don't drink the wine (or grape juice) or eat the challah on Shabbat. I do say the blessings, smell the sweetness of the wine/juice and smell the richness of the challah, but I don't actually eat any. In general ingredients and recipes will be super easy - all of your meals will be meat or parve since dairy is prohibited in the w30. Almost anything in the produce department is good to use (not corn, soy or peas however), almost everything in the meat or fish departments are good (as long as they're just meat/fish and no crazy additives - read your labels on EVERYTHING), eggs are good, and that's about it. Add tea or coffee without milk or with some form of compliant coconut or almond milk, use lots of olive oil, nuts sparingly, and small portions of fruits with your meals and you easily can manage it while keeping kosher.
  13. NoMoreCrunchyCravings

    You know someone is doing a Whole30 when...

    You find your favorite brands of light tasting olive oil and extra virgin olive oil on mega sale at the grocery and literally your entire cart is *filled* with oil. My friend my friend's friend couldn't believe I'd she'd put eight 1.5L bottles of Bertoli oil for my her mayo, and a huge can of California Olive Ranch oil all in my her cart.
  14. NoMoreCrunchyCravings

    You know someone is doing a Whole30 when...

    When you wake up after a nap, you see that you've left behind the seeds of a pepper in the sheets.
  15. NoMoreCrunchyCravings


    Thanks for all the replies, folks. One of my jobs is located across the street from Whole Foods so I'll check them out next week when I go in for a shift. If not, I may look into fermenting my own. There aren't many farmer's markets around me this time of year, and truth be told, I've never once seen a fermenter's stand. Produce, honey, wine, candles, soap, bread, cheese, yes. Fermented stuff, no. Too bad, it sounds like a lovely idea.