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Heartburn--what do I do?

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Omigoodness. I can barely type it feels so bad. I experienced this on Day 3 for several hours--I put it up to cleaning out the junk in my system. I don't know what's happening right now. (This is Day 26 on whole30 for me today)

Breakfast, (at noon thirty) was one hour after waking, was two eggs fried up in a bit of sausage (compliant) I'd had before, leftover broccoli, mushrooms, onions and green pepper--used ghee. Nothing new in that mixture. And a slice of butternut squash which has been in the fridge since I roasted it last Sunday. Again, nothing new.

About an hour after eating I did a two mile walk with a leslie sansone video. Stretches. Felt great--and then about 1/2 hour later the heartburn started. It's been going on about an hour now, (4:24 pm) off and on. I'm trying to drink lots of water--but what else can I do?

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