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(Re)introducing myself, W30 underway!

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Hello Friends!  

Wanted to reintroduce myself since its been awhile since I've hung out in the neighborhood.    

I'm currently making a second go of my W30.   First attempt was several years ago.   I dropped out before the 30 days was over, but I learned quite a bit. 

I'm trying again because doc observed that my blood pressure has climbed WAY too high.   There are other things I would like to change.  I had fallen in to a trap of bad eating habits and not being as active as I was.  My physician is very supportive of me trying W30, and this time I'm also trying the challenge with a friend.  We don't live in the same state, but texts and Facebook help a lot.   

I'm not sure if my blood pressure surge was due to an over-consumption of bone broth.  I received an Instant Pot for Christmas and have made (and devoured) pots and pots and pots of stock, but not all of it has been from pastured meat.    However, I am sure there are many other factors, including all the times I cheated on the classic Paleo way of eating.    I'm taking the high blood pressure issue very seriously, and am ready to put the efforts in to transforming in to a stronger, healthier version of me.  

Other things about me?   I like to cook.  I love to eat.    I work at a desk.  I like to wander through the woods for fun.  I also like making new friends, and am looking forward to interacting with more of you.  

This is Day 9 for me and my cohort.   Onward!

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