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  1. Just about every mass-produced ice cream contains carageenan, which would not be permitted. Perhaps try making your own? This way you know what goes in to it
  2. Carol

    Smoked salmon

    Ducktrap River in Maine has smoked fish without sugar -- but which ones escape me at the moment. Their Kendall Brook Salmon comes to mind but I don't have any around at the moment. Will try to snap a photo when I'm at the store next.
  3. Hello Friends, Has anyone had issues with bone broth spiking their blood pressure? I'm an old member of the forum returning as I've started another W30 challenge, and I've hit this problem. 6 months ago, I purchased an Instant Pot. I've been making a lot of bone broth since then. It's so easy, and the gelee formed by a good chicken or beef broth is delicious enough to eat cold. I noticed since the holidays, I've been feeling a This winter, I had a respiratory infection, and went in to see the nurse. BP was higher than normal -- stage 1 hypertension level. This was unexpeced, as my BP has typically been normal or just a few points above. Nurse said the jump could be from the infection, and said that my doc would revisit the matter at my physical, which was 6 weeks later. Went to my physical, and my BP was up even further -- stage 2 hypertension level. Yikes. Doc approved of going with a low carb diet as long as I watch my sodium intake. She also asked that I do a few other things, such as take my BP at home, and keep an exercise log. I have two follow up appointments scheduled, I'm taking this very seriously. After several home measurements, I'm now understanding that the "off" feeling occurs when my BP is up in the Stage 2 zone. I have also noticed that consuming bone broth spikes my blood pressure within a 6 hours or so. I did some reading online, I found one study stating that controlling dietary collagen may be key to controlling blood pressure. Another mentions bone broth is high in glutamates. But nothing that equates one with the other. I've decided to stop making broth until my BP situation is straightened out. But I'm curious if anyone has experienced similar, or is aware of any studies along these lines? Thanks all!