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  1. Carol

    April 13 Start

    Yes, I'm in southern New Hampshire! For now, at least. Would love to relocate to the North Country, I just can't stomach the forever commute that would come with a move like that
  2. Carol

    April 13 Start

    I hear that if you raid your son's Easter Basket, the Easter Bunny takes revenge. Don't do it!! In all seriounessness -- welcome aboard!
  3. Carol

    Whole30 completed!

    Whole30 finished 2 days ago, but I was waiting until today to make an announcement, as I had a follow up appointment at the doctor's office. Doc has been concerned about my BP, and this was a follow up with the nurse. I was REALLY hoping I'd have an amazing announcement about how my blood pressure has dropped. But, the numbers the nurse read weren't stellar. Last month they were 165/94, pulse 100. Today, 160/90, pulse 85. However, I have been dutifully monitoring my BP at home. My nurse was familiar with Paleo diets, but not Whole30. However, she said "What you are doing is working. Keep it up!" She encouraged me to get more exercise, which I know I need to do. I see my doc next month for a decison about whether BP meds are needed or not. I would rather not take them, but I also don't want to take unnecessary chances. The nurse seemed happy, even though I was a bit dejected that my BP numbers weren't better. My BF was very pragmatic about the visit. "Most people say they will eat better, and exercise more, but they don't. You are not just talking about doing this, you ARE doing this." So, With my home monitoring, my average systolic has dropped about 10 points, based on my home reading. My pulse rate, which has historically been in the 90s, has dropped in to the 80s. The nurse says I lost 10 pounds since my last visit. This is a solid Whole30 win! And it's just the beginning. I need more victories like this. Onward!
  4. Carol

    Digestive Enzyme help?

    I'm guessing the formulation changed. An older 2015 data sheet indicated the product includes tapioca dextrin, which would be compliant. But the current data sheet says nothing about the added ingredients.
  5. Just about every mass-produced ice cream contains carageenan, which would not be permitted. Perhaps try making your own? This way you know what goes in to it
  6. Carol

    O.M.Ghee... Fail.

    I actually don't use cheese cloth with mine. I strain my ghee twice through a miracloth -- I think it works much better! I don't think this name is widely known outside my area. I've seen them sold in Canada as J Cloth. I think in other parts of the US they might be called Handy Wipes? They are usually in the cleaning section of the grocery store but the cloths are untreated. They can be washed or boiled before use (I boil mine), just make sure you give the cloth a few hours to completely dry before straining your ghee
  7. Carol

    O.M.Ghee... Fail.

    Not solidifying when it cools means your current batch of ghee has a very different lipid profile than your other batches. Were you definitely using pastured butter? Any chance you could be using ordinary butter, or even butter with vegetable oil added? The mold is most likely from water getting in to the vessel that holds your ghee. The container does need to be clean of course, but it also needs to be very dry. Air dry the dish in a drying rack overnight if you can. It takes very little moisture to introduce mold. If you saw tiny spots today on the top of your ghee, my guess is that is environmental. If you kept your ghee near the stove on a day that you were cooking, or if you kept it uncovered for a few hours on a humid day, that alone might be enough.
  8. Carol

    Can I have these peas?

    This is excellent!
  9. Carol

    April 11 Re-Intro Start

    Damn you, sugar dragons! There's nothing wrong with keeping a dessert for later. We recently had a pie-themed event (its kind of a family joke). I was on plan when it occurred, so a few slices of sugary goodness came home with me and were frozen to be enjoyed later. I'm actually looking forward to it. The gathering was a nice time, and we'll have a chance to remember everyone's hospitality when we enjoy the pie later on. Maybe after a May hike in the mountains
  10. Reading the label is still required, a bottle of vinegar may still be packaged to contain a non-compliant ingredient. Example -- something that has had a home in my kitchen for a very long time. Marukan's Rice Vinegar. 5 choices. All of them say "Rice Vinegar". But the only compliant bottles are the Genuine Brewed Rice Vinegar and the Organic Rice Vinegar. The others contain added sugar. And keep in mind, the rule does not say "no preservatives." Some are permitted. Citric acid and salt are commonly used in commercial and home canning alike. Both permitted.
  11. A failure to check and understand a preservative food label does not count as accidental ingestion of sugar.
  12. Carol


    Outstanding! You got this, and you've got all of us behind you. Welcome aboard!
  13. You win DINNER! My place, whenever you are in NH
  14. If you have a Whole Foods near you, many have machines in their bulk food secrtion where you can grind your own almond butter. The price point is excellent and you know that the only thing in your nut butter is almonds
  15. Carol

    Frozen green plantain tostones?

    Another thought. Tostones, in the Latino tradition are fried twice. Once to fry the green plaintain slice. Then the slice is flattened in to a chip and they are fried a second time. These look like they have already been fried and flattened the factory, yes? Its just up to you to give it the second frying. This is a commercially prepared chip to me. If Chiquita sold slices of green plantains, with no verboten ingredients added, that would be OK. Much like the Trader Joe's riced cauliflower is OK.