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Log for my first Whole30, started 3/26


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I am on day 8 of my first Whole30. So far, so good! I thought I'd miss bread/pasta more than I do, and (somewhat annoyingly, since I really LIKE bread) I have really noticed that I feel pleasantly full but not overfull and ready for a nap after meals--even large ones! Meanwhile my husband was ready to pass out after eating cornbread with his chili. There really is something to all this "no grain" living, apparently. ;)

I have been having GREAT results with the Whole30 Cookbook! I've done 2 of the large protein meals with associated "remix"/leftovers recipes, and there has not been a single miss so far. I did the pot roast and its sister recipes last week (ragout, potato pancakes with poached eggs, broccoli-beef slaw) and last night I made the ground beef base and started off with the sloppy joe--WOW, is it delicious! Used regular apple juice and a splash of cider vinegar since we couldn't find compliant cider, but it tasted excellent. Can't wait to eat the leftovers later!

Breakfasts have been mostly eggs and veggies, although today I grabbed some ground beef mixture and added fennel seeds and a smokey compliant spice mix to make my own sausage, and scrambled it up with eggs. Delicious! My goal this week is to make some make-ahead options--I've had an apple with sunflower seed butter a couple days this week at work, and while it's pretty good as far as filling me up, I don't think it's nutritionally the best option. God knows I can't wake up any earlier to cook elaborate breakfasts, so I think some microwaveable egg cups or breakfast casserole may be the answer.

Lunches have been leftovers, and that has worked out great. For the occasional snack I've eaten apples with almonds (to hopefully avoid a blood-sugar spike by adding the protein and fat of the nuts).

Overall I'm enjoying eating this way. A big test yesterday was going out for a friend's birthday, but when I told them about the Whole30 it was fine and I was able to have some seltzer with lime at the bar and enjoyed myself that way. I won't lie, it'll be nice to have a beer or a glass of wine every once in while once this is done, but so far it hasn't been a huge issue to abstain.

Progress List:

NSV: I wore a pair of jeans I'd been avoiding for a while this week. I don't think it's any real weight loss, but perhaps less bloating due to cutting grains. I'll take it! Husband says I "look healthier."

Gut: Noticing a few BM changes but nothing scary. As always, I could probably stand to add more green veggies.

Sleep/mood: I definitely felt the exhaustion they said I'd feel in the first few days, but for most of this week. Luckily I haven't wanted to "kill all the things" yet (usually I get hangry when I'm coming down from a sugar spike, so it's possible eating this way is actually preventing that mood.) Today I feel really great--rested, ready to go.

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Day 14 almost complete. I'm enjoying what I'm eating but I admit I'm getting a little bored without eating out or going out with friends. Tomorrow I'm going to stock up and do a big cook so I have plenty to take for lunches and such. Maybe I'll plan a picnic next weekend with friends if it's nice--I can pack my own goodies and sip kombucha instead of wine.

I have to be sure to plan well for these last two weeks since I have some after work activities starting up so I'll need to pack lunches and probably dinners too. 


NSV: not noticing a ton of changes but much less bloating/expanding stomach after meals, which is good.

Gut: pretty consistent although I'm definitely getting used to all the veggies I've added.

Sleep/mood: sleeping great, feeling energetic. Planning to up my activity in the next two weeks so will have to be sure to have enough on hand for pre-/post-workout food

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