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so I suppose this is where I'll log my Whole30 adventures. an introduction first, though.


I'm James the Greatest, a 26-year-old female nerd who tends to act like she's more of a 12-year-old boy, lol. being a tomboy is just in my nature.

as is poverty, mental disorders, alcoholism, and poor eating habits. these will be the dragons I'll be slaying during my 30-day adventure with food.

I'm an alcoholic. not super bad, as in my life suffers due to my drinking. but my body does, and I'm really tired of it. I'm eager to go 30 days without a drink -- though also somewhat nervous.

I have bipolar disorder, as well as an eating disorder. food, cooking, and even grocery shopping causes me great anxiety -- even to the point of attacks. I hate the idea of having to take time out of my day to eat, having to put food into my mouth and chew and swallow -- I'd like to just be done with the whole thing. alas, I am human (or some kind of humanoid, at least), so I must eat.

when my depression with my bipolar disorder gets bad, so do my eating habits. of course, they are bad when I'm manic too. I'll binge eat when depressed, and I end up accidentally starving myself while manic. (it's impressive how little food or sleep a manic individual needs to thrive, and even less so to merely survive.)

::phew:: I just put it all out there, didn't I. O_o not my normal style. but it's time my diet and body became important to me. therefore, this endeavour is important to me. and I thought that warrented an introductory post.

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so, Day One of Whole30. around 1000h I had a tuperware full of beef and onions. I'm a snacker. that's something that I want to work on, but I'll take care of that later. for now, as long as the snacks are paleo, it's acceptable. so today, I snacked on a bag of raddishes. mmmm, raddishes.

I'm going to a Halloween party tonight. it's gonna be hard, but I'll manage. :)

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Day One conclusion: 699 calories; 32 of which was sugar, 53 carbs, 25 fat, 12 fiber, 76 protein.


I realise the hot chocolate I had in the morning is not paleo. however, I was half asleep when my mother kindly brought it to me, and I totally forgot about starting Whole30 for that day.

I also realise that 699 calories is a little low. I'll work on that. it's just ... food and I aren't very good friends.

thirdly, I know we're not really supposed to count calories on Whole30. but ... I fear I won't eat enough if I'm not tracking it. it's far too easy for me to just eat nothing and starve myself. yay, disordered eating. </sarcasm>


Day Two has begun, and I had a cup of coffee with no milk or creamer, and some veggies. I made and brought eggs, because I figured I'd be hungry closer to 0900h (which is true). so I'll probably heat those up shortly.

with me for lunch, I have more beef and mixed veggies. what I did was cook a shit-ton of beef, and divide it out into nine tuperwares. then, I had two diff bags of mixed veggies. I divided those out in each tuperware too.

it's nothing amazing and terribly delish, not does it go into accord with everyone here who loves cooking and making fancy meals. I, personally, hate it. so for week one, this is what's going on. I do need to figure out a drinking situation -- as in flavoured water. I wonder if the sugar-free flavour mix would be acceptable...

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so due to a few days of weakness, I started over on my Whole30. I'm currently on Day 9. I keep reading baout how around this time, people are starting to feel better. tehy're getting etter sleep, they're having more energy, etc. I'm not feeling any of this. rather, I'm still in the "KIll All the Things" phase, apparently (thanks for the terminology, Alana, lol). I have no patience for this. D: I'm hungry all the time, and I just want to quit.

especially with Thanksgiving around the corner. I'm going to be soooooo miserable! D:

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If you are hungry all the time, are you eating enough protein and fat? I have to eat what pre-whole30 would have seemed like too much, but now it's the perfect amount and, *shocker!*, I'm not gaining weight from it. You may try adding in more starchy vegs, like sweet potato (I eat one every day, yum!), or squash.

Totally just repeating what I have read others say on other threads regarding hunger and moods. :)

I'm on Day 9 also. Maybe try making adjustments to your food before you decide to just quit. :) Reading other daily logs helps!

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