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Start April 17th - it's day 4


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I started my Whole30 journey this Monday and wanted to introduce myself.

Although I do not have any (at least up to now) food intolerances or problems healthwise, I joined to change my relationship with food, so that I would not use sweets and potato chips as comfort food or eat them to kill boredom while watching TV. I also hope to lose a few kilos in the process.

Today is day 4, and leaving out bread is actually what I dreaded the most, but works quite fine at the moment. I seldom use diary products, so I'm good so far. The only thing that still clings to my mind is white chocolate. I can almost taste it in my mouth!!!!

Something positive I've noticed: I do not wake up with puffy eyes in the morning (I hope this is not a temporary effect) and I feel quite full after eating my meals.

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