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Starting Over!


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Hi, I was 24 days in the stress of a long work day, not wanting to cook and cravings and almost being done got the better of me.  I broke and had some wine other foods that are totally off plan.  

I decided today to start over.  I feel good about my decision but also feel like a loser and failure.  And just when I was starting to see and feel results.

I have to be honest, the past 24 days have not been easy but I am determined.

Has anyone else started over on a Whole30?  Did you feel as crappy as I do?

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You are NOT a loser or a failure and I will challenge whomever to a duel if need be! LOL.

Seriously though, this program isn't a walk in the park and you are not the first or last person who made a decision that caused your Whole30 to end. But you're back here now and if you can look back and assess the situation of what got the best of you, what the emotions were, what sorts of meals you'd previously eaten, was there social pressure, were you tired etc. you'll be able to navigate past that. 

Most of Whole30, besides the food elimination, is learning new food habits and relationships. This one you didn't win but that doesn't mean you can't and it does NOT mean you failed. 

Press on!

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