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I'm on RD1D2 today and it's also the first day of my period which is usually a beast in itself. The first 2-3 days every month always have me eating very little and usually not so good things; like usually for dinner I go to a bowl of cheerios then an English muffin with Kerry gold butter later on in the evening. I would have a cup of hot chocolate with it too! Obviously I want to stay strong and hang in. 

Give me your most comforting food to eat that's on compliant and what do you do usually do while having painful cramps? It doesn't help that it's miserable out raining alll.day too. 

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Hmmmm....I get where you're going with this. Your best bet is to turn away from trying to get food to make you feel better. Eat a proper dinner of food you already like (chicken salad over a baked sweet potato or hamburger patty and potato salad etc) and then do something else for cramps. Essential oils, hot water bottle, heating pad, massage, hot bath, captivating book, advil/tylenol. Food is food.............it won't make your cramps less.

Do note though that most women, during their period (and leading up to it) tend to need more starchy veggies. So have those oven-baked potato wedges with your salmon or the sweet potato mash with your chicken thighs.

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